Wrestpoint Casino is a great venue for Jimmy and he always pulls a good crowd there
and this gig was no exception. It was great to have Jimmy back in Australia after his
European tour and it was great to be back at a full on rock gig.
Mahalia opened up with Elly on backing vocals, Ben on bass, Yak on drums and
Danny Spencer on guitar. Having Mahalia as support is a great way to get the
audience warmed up for Jimmy. Loved seeing Danny back on stage with her and how awesome to have him back in Jimmy's band. One can only hope he is back
permanently Tonight in the band was Tony Featherstone on keys, Yak Sherritt on
drums, James Gillard on bass and on guitars with Danny was Mark Punch and Ben
Rodgers. Mahalia and Elly were on backing vocals.
Jimmy hit the stage full on with Lay Down Your Guns. An oldie but a goodie, Change
of Heart was added to the set list early on. From Out In The Blue the only two songs
included were the title track and When Two Hearts Collide with Elly. Danny lead the
way with some brilliant guitar work in Too Much Ain't Enough. Great to see Tony
tipping those keys over in Goodbye It is always good to see the band getting into it
and having a bit of fun. Jimmy played his guitar in quite a few songs - l love it. He
was getting right in to it, especially in Proud Mary, where he didn't have to
concentrate on lead vocals. I reckon his guitar playing has picked up heaps and
requires less concentration than a few years back when he last had his guitar on
stage. Great improvement, now for a solo Jimmy!!
Jimmy gave the crowd what they wanted - from the set list to walking the stage
throwing a smile and wave here and there. He was given flowers by a girl in the
crowd along with lots of applause and appreciation. It was an awesome gig. A rock
gig, which we all love.


Lay Down Your Guns
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Change Of Heart
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
When Two Hearts Collide ..(w/Elly-May)
Choir Girl
Lover Lover
Out In The Blue
Too Much Ain't Enough Love
Merry Go Round
No Second Prize
Proud Mary ..(w/Mahalia)
Four Walls
Driving Wheels
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over ..(w/James Gillard)
Cheap Wine