November 12th 2008 .... PORTLAND CIVIC CENTRE

Didn't take too long for us to get to Portland.
This gig was a 'Make A Wish' gig and all the kids were there early to have a peek at
sound check. The local radio station was set up out the front and there was a local
band playing some covers while we waited to go in. The foyer area was opened up so
drinks could be purchased and you could take a peek through the glass doors to catch
a glimpse of Jimmy doing his sound check. Those who were in the foyer were ushered
back outside before doors opened and there was a lot of confusion as to which door to
queue at. Doors opened and everyone charged in.
Adam Brand opened up the night. A bit of a strange combination with Jimmy, a bit of
country, a bit of rock! It turned out to be a popular combination through out the tour.
For a country singer Adam is not too bad, he had a bit of rock in him and the crowd
really got into him. He only played for about 45 mins, quite enjoyable.
But Jimmy was who everyone had come to see and there was a lot of excitement in
the crowd as they waited. All cut loose as Jimmy came onto the stage. It was good
though, no pushing and shoving and we had room to move. There was so much more atmosphere here than last night in the cinema. The set list was pretty much the same;
it had everything - some old, some new, same Chisel, some fast, some no so fast. Elly
joined Jimmy in When Two Hearts Collide, Bonnie in River Deep, Mountain High,
James Gillard in When The War Is Over and Adam Brand, Mark Punch and James
Gillard in The Weight. The show went for over two hours and Jimmy sounded
awesome and was so full of energy. He kept the crowd up and screaming from start to
finish. There were a few stories thrown in to give us a laugh but it was the brilliant
music and singing that kept us entertained. It was a great night in Portland and
everyone left the Civic Centre with a smile on their face.