November 14th 2008 .... MARY ANN RESERVE, MANNUM

From Portland we drove across to Adelaide. No gig tonight so no need to rush the
long drive. A night off - a bit boring, couldn't even find a decent gig at the Grace
We were raring to go as we made our way to Mannum, about an hour and a half out of Adelaide. There was a huge queue at the gate when we arrived, Lucky we still
managed to get down the front. It was a great set up here, right on the river (that
someone ended up in at the end of the night I hear) There were food stalls and bars
around the sides.
A local band played a few songs to start with then Elly May came on for a short set.
This is the first time I'd seen Elly on her own and she was really good. She played her
guitar and sang some popular cover songs - the favourite being Throw Your Arms
Around Me. Mark Punch and James Gillard played guitar for and Tony Featherstone
popped up for a couple of songs. She was helped out by Bonnie Anderson, who has an
unreal voice for a 14 year old. The girls did a great job of keeping us entertained.
They were followed by Adam Brand. Some of his songs are a bit too 'country' for me
but his latest album Blame It On Eve is a bit more rock and a lot of his songs were
from this album, He certainly has a great rapport with the crowd and you can't help
but get into his set.
When Jimmy came on the crowd went wild. There were a couple of small kids up the
front. Jimmy got them over the barrier when the crowd started a bit of pushing. They
thought all their Christmases had come at once and couldn't keep the smiles off their
This was my favourite gig of the tour, it went off big time. Jimmy looked to be
enjoying every minute of it too. He fed off the crowd and put in one hell of a show.
The shows were getting longer with an extra song or two being added in. Can't
complain about that!! Stuart Fraser was fitting into the band well. He does a great job
on Too Much Ain't Enough - not quite up to Danny's standard though!! Wazza was
brilliant on drums; he brings a different sound to the band. Hope he continues to fill in
when Jackie is away. Tony is getting to show off his keyboard skills with quite a few
solos James Gillard always looks like he is having fun, bouncing around everywhere.
Mark Punch is a good guitarist but he needs to liven up a bit, join in the fun! Elly is
going great on bv's, her voice continues to get stronger and she loves having Bonnie
up there with her, dancing and helping her out.
Mannum rocked tonight and everyone left satisfied and happy but wanting more. The
best way to leave the punters we'd had a great night - It was the best gig.


Ride The Night Away
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Change of Heart
Lover Lover
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Two Hearts Collide (w/Elly-May Barnes)
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
Too Much Ain't Enough Love
Cheap Wine
Ressurection Shuffle (w/Dave Blight)
Out In The Blue
Good Times
No Second Prize
Merry Go Round
Four Walls
Driving Wheels
Flame Trees
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over (w/James Gillard)
River Deep Mountain High (w/Bonnie Anderson)
The Weight (w/Adm Brand)
Khe Sanh