January 04th 2009 .... TORQUAY HOTEL
Like everyone who was heading back to Torquay or Melbourne we took the Great
Ocean Road scenic route. It really is a beautiful drive, just a shame about the lunatic
bike riders, one who ended up in an accident.
Arrived at the pub and went in for a drink. The crew were setting up the stage in the
beer garden. The stage apparently wasn't big enough and required some work. Before
doors everyone was cleared out to line up at the door outside. It wasn't too long a wait
though. The venue was tiny, 1200 tickets had been sold and god knows how they
were going to fit into that beer garden. But they did and inside the pub too.
Before Jimmy came on we were entertained by a guy on guitar playing a few songs,
then by Mahalia and The Soulmates with a short set.
The crowd got into it as soon as Jimmy came on stage and the place went off. Many
had turned up on the night and couldn't get in so they listened and partied in the
street. Some were jumping up to peek over the fence to catch a glimpse of Jimmy.
I reckon some of them would have seen more than a lot of people inside.
It was great to be at an intimate, Jimmy in your face, pub gig again. There was a heap
of atmosphere and the crowd were singing very, very loudly. At one point I had to put
my ear to the speakers so I could hear Jimmy! At the start of the show he was amused
that someone in the front was eating a snag in bread. First time he had seen that at one
of his shows. He commented on how he'd seen a guy in the crowd king hit a girl - ah,
pub gigs!! Once again it was a great set list, similar to last night. Elly May made her
debut on electric guitar in Good Times - I'm not sure who was more surprised her or
Jimmy! She is a real rock chick. Mahalia sang Proud Mary in Jimmy's set and not her
own tonight. The guys - Rob, Jackie and James joined in The Weight. Rob has a great
voice as we have heard when he sings in Mahalia's set - so high!!!
Unfortunately the pub had to be shut early so all was over by 10pm and Goodbye had
to be cut from the set. Can't complain though, we got 2 hours of Jimmy rocking
Torquay in a pub. Awesome night, loved it.
The drive back to Melbourne went by quickly, must have been on a high from the gig
all the way!!

Ride The Night Away
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
Resurrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
Little Darling
Used To The Truth
Merry Go Round
Out In The Blue
Too Much Ain't Enough Love
No Second Prize
Rising Sun
Proud Mary .w/ Mahalia
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
Good Times .w/ Elly-May on guitar
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over .w/ James Gillard
The Weight
Khe Sanh