Heard Jimmy was playing at the Jack Daniels Cowboy Bar at the National Rodeo Championships and thought it would be a great weekend away. Combine the sun, the
sea and some great music. The rodeo was held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre
and we thought we were off to see Jimmy in a bar, a pub gig. Doors were at 5pm and
he wasn't on until 11pm, a long wait so we decided to not go too early. We were
totally surprised when we arrived to find the venue was a huge auditorium that could
hold 10,000 people and still look empty. They were expecting between 3000-5000,
not sure how many turned up. There was not much in there except a couple of bars, a
couple of bar tables and a few big screens to watch the rodeo inside live. The crowd
was slow to build but some people made their way to the front quite early so we all
traipsed down there, found a spot and sat down to wait for ages. Everyone did the
same as they came in.
There was no support band tonight; instead we had a cowgirl fashion parade. As the
girls paraded around in there bikinis, the crowd yelled for Jimmy. When the compare
asked if we'd been into the rodeo, most people had yelled no. Cut the crap and get on
with Jimmy out here. Finally he arrived and Ride The Night Away kicked in. Only
one change in the band since last week, Davey Lane was back in the band replacing
Jak Housden. Rob Woolf was still filling in for Tony on keys and EJ was here joining
Mahalia and Elly on backing vocals. Also joining the girls for the first time was Lily
Lizotte, Diesel's daughter. This was Jackie's last gig here for awhile. He is doing the
US tour then he goes back to Berklee.
Jimmy started off by telling us it looked like hard work riding those horses and he was
glad he was here singing - us too Jimmy!! It was mainly hits tonight, which is always
the case with these type of gigs. But that is cool; Jimmy has so many wonderful hits,
just nice to get a rarity thrown in now and again. It was great to have Davey back in
the band bringing back his scissor kicks and windmill arms - so entertaining. Jimmy
was joined on stage by Tex Perkins for the song he wrote for Out In The Blue - I'm
Surprised and also for Nothing I Want. Mahalia sang Proud Mary and also sang a
verse in The Weight along with Jackie and Davey. The crowd all joined in with James
Gillard as he helped pit Jimmy in When The War Is Over. Jimmy looked great tonight
in his nice, white country style shirt and black pants. He seemed to really enjoy
himself; he had a few stories here and there, a few jokes and lots of awesome singing.
The crowd were pretty well behaved, didn't see any trouble just people having fun
having a good time. It was just under two hours, which is a short set for Jimmy these
days!!! It was a different but great night. Not too sure about the venue though. I think
a lot got lost in the size of it. But if Jimmy plays there again, I'll be there again!

Ride The Night Away
Lay Down Your Guns
Lover Lover
Choir Girl
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Resurrection Shuffle
Out In The Blue
No Second Prize
Merry Go Round
I'm Surprised . (w/ Tex Perkins)
You Got Nothing I Want . (w/ Tex Perkins)
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Cheap Wine
Proud Mary . (w/ Mahalia)
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over
The Weight