Febuary 22nd 2009 .... A NIGHT TO REMEMBER - LIZOTTES
What a night this was. Last time Jimmy played here we missed it and I have regretted it ever since. (especially when I hear the Live at Lizottes CD). Was really looking forward to see Jimmy do an acoustic gig again,
Lizottes is a great venue with friendly staff, yummy food and great entertainment. Brian Lizotte mingled with the crowd as we ate our dinner and as the excitement grew with what was in store.
Mahalia was support with Ben on guitar and Elly on backing vocals. She entertained us with a short set that caught everyone’s attention.
Jimmy was not far behind her. He had so many people on stage and that grew as the night went on. At the start there was Jimmy, Mahalia and Elly on backing vocals and Ben Rodgers and James Gillard on acoustic guitar. Grace of God was first up, a beautiful song that we don’t hear enough off. Love acoustic gigs where we get to hear songs such as Catch Your Shadow and Rather Be Blind, another two songs ( we could hear more of!) in the set list, which included songs Jimmy used to sing with his dad - Around The World and Mona Lisa, both which were sung at the Speigeltent. Also included was a song Jimmy recorded for a charity - Hurt, a song he used to sing on the road with his crew - Bartender and the song he recorded for Double Happiness with David - Wichita Lineman (where was DC??) Elly grabbed a guitar and sang us a song - Satellite of Love. She was great and the crowd loved her. Mahalia joined Jimmy in Still Got A Long Way To Go. James Gillard then had his turn with a bit of help from Jimmy. Not sure what the song was called, maybe Crying In The Rain.
Kasey Chambers’ father got up and sang Big River with Jimmy. Not heard this since Ringside. Kasey and Shane Nicholson got up and she joined in on The Weight and When Two Hearts Collide. Shane sang a song then joined Jimmy in When The Was Is Over. Ben Lee jumped up on guitar to join them all in Khe Sahn. The girls had to stand at the side of stage as there was not enough room for everyone - the place was going off. Flame Trees was the last song before they all left the stage to lots of applause. Soon to return was just Jimmy and Ben for Mona Lisa, it was amazing to hear Jimmy sing like this and Ben did himself proud in his moment of truth. A couple more slow songs followed before the pace picked up with Resurrection Shuffle to rock us out before the night ended with Love Me Tender. During the night Jimmy had lots of stories to tell and as always they were very entertaining and funny. There were some new us all a laugh,
It was about two and a half hours that the show went for. Absolutely brilliant, you couldn’t ask for more. Yeah it was an expensive night but it worth every cent and more. Hopefully Jimmy will do some more of this type of show.


Grace of God
Out in the Blue
Around The World
Catch Your Shadow
Satelite of Love . w/ Elly-May
Still Got A Long Way To Go
Crying In The Rain . w/ James
Just A Man
Can't Tell You Why
Rather Be Blind
I'm Still On Your Side
Big River . w/ Bill Chambers
I'm Surprised
The Weight . w/ Kasey & Shane
When Two Hearts Collide . w/ Shane
When The War Is Over . w/ Shane
Khe Sanh
Flame Trees
Mona Lisa
Wichita Lineman
Love Me Tender