This Day On The Green had the best line up, all great acts, Mahalia Barnes. Mark Seymour, The Angels and JIMMY BARNES.
There were a lot of people there when we arrived but no queue, everyone sitting about in the shade. It was a beautiful sunny day but no where near as hot as the last DOTG when it was 44 degrees. Inside there was no shade at all, so it did get quite warm. Mahalia and The Soulmates were on first and got the crowd warmed up. Darren Percival was there with them and him and Mahalia gave each other a run for their money in You Are My Sunshine. They really seem to enjoy singing together.
Mark Seymour followed Mahalia and he put on a good one too. Great to hear some old Hunters and Collectors songs, but where was Throw Your Arms Around Me?? He looses me sometimes when he goes off on his political tangent, but there was none of that today and he let his music do the talking.
In between him and The Angels Jimmy could be found in the merchandise tent doing
a signing. The queue was a mile long, not sure if he got through everyone before The Angels burst onto the stage. They were fantastic, brought back lots of memories and had the place rocking. They played all their hits with everyone joining in on the infamous Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again. I had forgotten what great songs they had. Doc Neeson was hanging from the stage which thrilled the crowd. I really enjoyed their set.
Not as much as Jimmy though!! He started with a very appropriate song - Cheap Wine. I reckon there was quite a few there that had been on the cheap wine
throughout the day! Nah, it wasn't bad during the gig, we didn't have any trouble around us at all. No changes in the band since the other night. Again there were changes to the set list since the last DOTG and that is great, love hearing all the different songs. Highlights for me were Red Light, Driving Wheels, Wheels In Motion, Merry Go Round and Goodbye. Darren Percival sang When The War Is Over with Jimmy, he has a fantastic voice and does a great job with this song. It had been a tough week for me and this was just what I needed and I went off, along with everyone else in the Claire Valley. Jimmy had a few stories but tonight was more about the singing and the music. When he left the stage after the main set, there was much cheering and calls for more. And more we got, another four songs, loving these long encores, loving these long gigs, full stop!!! It was another two hour show, what we are coming to expect these days. However long the gig though, you never feel ripped off. Jimmy always delivers 110 % no matter what. Once again it was another successful and fun day/night at a Day On The Green.


Cheap Wine
I'd Die To Be With You
Lover Lover
Wheels In Motion
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
When Two Hearts Collide
Red Light
Choir Girl
Out In The Blue
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Good Times
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over
Resurrection Shuffle
Khe Sanh