Had a great weekend up in Sydney - a gig at Manly Boatshed, a gig at The Bridge and Jimmy at Centennial Vineyards, Bowral.
We headed off to Bowral on Saturday morning and as we headed down the highway the weather kept deteriorating until it was pouring with rain. Oh no, not again! Last year’s Day On The Green at Bowral was rained out and cancelled. Luckily though the rain stopped and the sun came out before we hit Bowral. The queue wasn’t too bad when we got there and we didn’t have to wait too long for the gates to open.
We were not happy when we got down the front and found the front area in front of the stage was marked as a dance floor. We had to set ourselves up behind the white line with nothing over it, not even a toe or security jumped you. Once we were set we went for a wander and returned with free dips and crackers to enjoy with a wine.
Mahalia kicked the day off with The Soulmates. It was great to see Danny Spencer join them on stage for a couple of songs. The three of us got up for a dance down the front. Jimmy came on to sing You Are My Sunshine with Mahalia. Darren Percival normally sings this with her but I reckon Jimmy did it better - funny about that, maybe I’m biased - hehehe!! He stayed up there for the rest of the set and played the tambourine. People rushed down the front with their cameras when he came on.
Ross Wilson came on after Mahalia and a few came down the front for a bit of a dance to the old Mondo Rock and Daddy Cool classics - Cool Cool World, Eagle Rock etc. The crowd loved Kasey Chambers when she came on with husband Shane Nicholson. All sang along to Old Macdonald Had A Farm with her six year old son when he joined mum on stage.
When Jimmy came on the crowd surged forward when Jimmy came on, as they do, to get closer to the front to see Jimmy. Unfortunately there were a few drunks here that caused a bit of trouble, but security were soon onto them and they were removed, They certainly did not stop us from having fun.
Wheels in Motion set the scene for the night; love this as the opening song with Jimmy on guitar. With the inclusion of Danny, the band sounded fantastic. He was on fire and weren’t we happy about that!! Once again Kasey Chambers joined Jimmy in When Two Heart Collide These two get on so well on stage and perform great together. Shane Nicholson sang Khe Sanh, good to get this song out of the way early. and When The War Is Over. Mahalia wasn’t singing with Jimmy tonight, she had to take off straight after her set as she was doing a gig with David Campbell in Canberra tonight; she has been touring with him on his Good Lovin’ tour.
Got very excited in the encore when the lead into Do Or Die started, one of my favourites. It was awesome, complete with the punch, we all love!! Have missed it in the set list and hope it remains. From Do Or Die it was straight into Goodbye, with the pace continuing to pick up as Jimmy urged the band to go faster. What a way to end.
It was a slow trip out of the car park but we didn’t care, we had had another fun night at another Day On The Green.


Wheels In Motion
I'd Die To Be With You
Lover Lover
Rising Sun
Too Much Ain't Enough
Lay Down Your Guns
I'm Still On Your Side
Choir Girl
Resurrection Shuffle
Out In The Blue
Cheap Wine
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
When Two Hearts Collide
Khe Sanh
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Good Times
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over
Do Or Die