A new venue for us tonight, Geelong Arena, a basketball stadium. The kids were all arriving for their games as we prepared for a night of rock. It was a seated event - well that’s how it started.
The Badloves were supporting Jimmy tonight. They have a bit of a connection with Jimmy. Apart from touring with him in the early days and recording The Weight on Flesh and Wood, Tony Featherstone, Jimmy’s keyboard player, is a member of The Badloves too. Jak Housden, their guitarist has done quite a few gigs with Jimmy and drummer Dave Hibbard plays in Mahalia’s band The Soulmates. They had a few familiar songs, Green Limousine the main one. I quite enjoyed them and it was cool to see Tony in his band.
It was straight to Jimmy after a quick changeover. It was a different start to the set with I’d Die To Be With You up first. As soon as the music started we were up out of our seats. No problem here, Security told us earlier to get up - don’t have to tell us twice!! Everyone was up and down the front and into it from the word go. Jimmy made comment on it “good to see everyone up early.” The band was the same as last week at Bowral with Danny on guitar and EJ on backing vocals with Elly. Tina Harrod and Gary Pinto were also on backing vocal too. And a surprise was Jackie on percussion. He was only doing these two gigs this weekend before heading back to Boston. For the encore him and Wazza swapped over and Jackie gave the drums a pounding. Too Much Ain’t Enough with Danny’s excellent guitar work was a highlight - can he play or what!! Elly had a chance to sing When Two Hearts Collide again, as Kasey wasn’t in Geelong. Gary sang When The War Is Over, what amazing voice he has, him and Jimmy singing together is awesome, they push each other to the limit. The Badloves came on to sing The Weight, the song they recorded For Flesh and Wood so many years ago. Jak stayed on stage for the last couple of songs. He is pretty damn good and he went off in Do Or Die as did everyone with the encouragement of Jimmy. I wonder why this song has been out of the setlist for so long, it is awesome, love it!! There was no Goodbye tonight, a bit disappointing but it didn’t really matter, Do Or Die made up for it totally. Jimmy was on stage for a little less that we are growing accustomed to, but still longer that most others, giving it 100 % the whole time, keeping the crowd entertained. He pulled them in with his little stories and huge voice. Another great time had by all!!

I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Too Much Ain't Enough
Choir Girl
Resurrection Shuffle
Out In The Blue
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
When Two Hearts Collide w/ Elly-May
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Good Times
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over w/ Gary Pinto
The Weight w/ The Badloves
Khe Sanh
Do Or Die