Jimmy opened up this venue last year with his Out In The Blue Tour and tonight he was going to trash the place and close it. With that statement came screams from the crowd, then laughs as he told us he was just joking. I’m sure that was a relief for the promoter and the venue!
It was the same set up as last year - the foyer opened up for all to go in and have a drink. There are several doors in and nobody had a clue as to which door to line up at, so there were queues at all, most at the main door which we were told would open first - it didn’t, it was last. All hell broke loose as people went charging to the front; we were squashed right in from that moment on. But it was ok, everyone around was friendly, chatty and excited to be there.
Local band Ceremony got us warmed up. I have seen them support Jimmy a few times and they are quite good - a real rock band. They got the crowd going. Everyone was more than ready when Jimmy took to the stage and Wheels in Motion took hold of us as Jimmy played guitar and belted it out. The band tonight had Davey Lane and Stuart Fraser on guitar - an awesome combination, Tony Featherstone on keys, Warren Trout on drums and Ben Rodgers on bass, replacing James Gillard. Mahalia and Elly were on backing vocals. Mahalia is looking great; pregnancy seems to be agreeing with her. It was a great atmosphere in there and the crowd were pumped, getting right into it. There were hands reaching out everywhere and Jimmy grabbed many as he stormed the stage, giving each one a thrill as he did so. One girl was totally out of control and ended up getting dragged over the barricade by security and shown the door. Why would anyone risk missing the gig - I don’t get it!
This was Jimmy’s first gig since returning from the States and there were a couple of hiccups with changes in the band but nothing too noticeable. Loved the return of Love Is Enough. The band always seem to enjoy this song and love singing along to it and it is a definite favourite with the crowd. With no one playing slide guitar the intro to Driving Wheels sounded a bit different. I though it was the CD Jimmy used to use as the intro, but it wasn’t, it was Davey doing it with his fingers, no slide - great effort Davey, well done - had me and a few others fooled!! The place rocked out with everyone screaming their appreciation of Jimmy and his amazing voice and brilliant live gigs. He certainly is very popular around this area. The encore started with just Jimmy and Tony and Four Walls. Awesome to hear Jimmy sing with just the keys. His voice is so much clearer than when he’s competing with guitars. A great job by Tony too. Do Or Die finished the night. It was a great night with fun had by all. The best way to end a day of sun and fun. OK, I’m ready for Hope Island!!

Wheels In Motion
Ride The Night Away
Choir Girl
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
When Two Hearts Collide
Resurrection Shuffle
Out In The Blue
Steppin' In Her I Miller Shoes
Lover Lover
Love Is Enough
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Good Times
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Four Walls
Khe Sanh
Do Or Die