Was really looking forward to tonight’s gig - The Boardwalk Tavern on Hope Island. We left Caloundra for the Goad Coast after breakfast and the beautiful warm sunshine followed us south. We arranged to meet some friends from up there, who we had met years ago at a Jimmy gig at Twin Towns. We met at Sanctuary Cove for drinks on their boat before we cruised around the canal, listening to Jimmy and David Campbell CD’s, to the Boardwalk Tavern. The boat was moored and the partying continued. Finally dragged ourselves off the boat and walked around to the venue.
Another shemozzle to get in when they formed another queue in the opposite direction to the already long queue. Doors opened and the race was on for front row!!
There was a bit of a wait before support came on - a local cover band. They were ok and had some good songs in there.
The change over couldn’t come quick enough though and we waited patiently as the crew set things up. Then the guys came onto stage, Jimmy got his guitar and Wheels In Motion started up. There were screams galore as the punters joined Jimmy in 90 minutes of explosive music. It was only a small venue, a lot more intimate than the larger venues. These type of gigs are few and far between so have to make the most of them. Not sure how many were in there, it was supposed to be 500 but I heard they had sold 1200 tickets. Not sure about that, somewhere between I’d say, but it was pretty squashy. I had a great time, love these gigs where there is no barrier and you are right up against the stage taking it all in. The set was virtually the same as last night but with some songs missing. I was disappointed Driving Wheels was cut, it’s one of my favourites It was a much better gig than last night - Jimmy was singing better and the band were playing better. Mahalia rocked us and the baby with Steppin Out In Her I Miller Shoes. With genes like that the baby is going to have a great set of pipes!! It is good to hear some of her other songs in Jimmy’s set and not just Proud Mary. Elly joined Jimmy in When Two Hearts Collide. I reckon she should be doing her own solo in the set, though she does do this song so well. There were lots of laughs from Jimmy tonight and lots of smiles as he grabbed those stretched out hands. I think, like us, he enjoys the crowd being close as he always feeds off his audience. The set went by far too quickly and before we knew it Working Class Man was upon us. Damn! The encore again started with Four Walls but with all the band this time, think I preferred it with just Tony, for something different. Khe Sanh sent the crowd crazy as it always does and Do Or Die saw us going off. I was not ready for the night to end, but it was a shortened set tonight - I guess that was to do with noise restrictions in the area on a Sunday night - most unfortunate.
So it was back onto the boat for us and a dark cruise back to Sanctuary Cove with our Jimmy gig continuing on the way. Awesome!! It was an excellent, fun night, had a ball.
Bring back the pub gigs!!!!!

Wheels In Motion
Ride The Night Away
Choir Girl
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
When Two Hearts Collide
Resurrection Shuffle
Out In The Blue
Steppin' In Her I Miller Shoes
Love Is Enough
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Four Walls
Khe Sanh
Do Or Die