Well this was a bonus gig - a pub gig in the snow, well almost in the snow. Headed off after work on Friday night as far as Albury. We were going to cut across to Jindabyne but after being told we had to carry chains and the road could be closed we headed off the long way round. We had to head up to Cooma then come back down again. Didn’t even think about driving through the snow that way, but all was good,
the roads were clear.
Headed to the venue for dinner before the show - an interesting set up. Cook your own meat on one side or buy a small or big plate and pile it up on the other and find yourself a seat at a long table. Reminded me of school camp. From there we went into the bar for a drink and a bit of local music before the doors opened.
There was a good crowd at the venue, not sure how many were there but it was quite small, sign said it held 660 but I’m sure there was a lot more than that in there. There were two support acts on, both locals. First was a guy on acoustic guitar, second a 3 piece band. There were a lot of people around who had never seen Jimmy live or hadn’t seen him in a long time. Some had come along to The Station not even realising Jimmy was on. Needless to say there were a lot of excited people around. And when he hit the stage they exploded. Once again it was a different line up. With Jackie home for summer break, he was back on drums and Danny Spencer was back on guitar!! Joining Mahalia and Elly on backing vocals was David Campbell. The rest of the band was the same - Tony on keys, Ben on bass and Mark Punch on guitar. What a surprise to have Danny there - happy with that, even though we missed Davey.
Tonight’s gig was full on rock from start to finish, with very little chatting between songs. I missed the stories but I reckon Jimmy knows best and this was not the crowd to listen. They were going off, all around people were on mate’s shoulders enjoying every minute of it.
Lay Down Your Guns was the first song and it was followed by hit after hit after hit. I’d Die To Be With You, Ride The Night Away, Still On Your Side, Flame Trees, Merry Go Round, Rising Sun - they were all there plus more. Elly came forward and sang When Two Hearts Collide with Jimmy. She looked very stylish with her new haircut. The family affair continued as David joined Jimmy for River Deep, Mountain High - that was awesome. Love seeing David rock it out for a change, away from his usual swing. He certainly gave Jimmy a run for his money in the scream department. He was having a lot of fun up the back with his sisters. Mahalia was very popular singing her fantastic version of Proud Mary.
It wasn’t the best gig sound wise but I’m not complaining - Jimmy’s voice was coming out loud and strong from the speakers infront of us facing into the crowd, just like it should be.
Goodbye was back to end the night and it was the fastest I’ve heard it in awhile, led by Jimmy as he wound the band up so fast! Excellent!! What a fun night.
The weekend was topped off by a trip up the mountain on the ski tube to Perisher. It was cold, -2 degrees but it was fantastic, so beautiful up there.
It was a long trip up and back to Jindabyne, but so worth it.



No Second Prize
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Ride The Night Away
Out In The Blue
Merry Go Round
When Two Heart Collide . w/ Elly-May
River Deep Mountain High
Ressurrection Shuffle
Lay Down Your Guns
Proud Mary . w/ Mahalia
Good Times
Flame Trees
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh