The next destination was Rockhampton, a little warmer than Jindabyne. The venue was the Great Western Hotel. Had never been there before and it felt like you needed your cowboy hat and boots when you walked in. It was massive, a real country and western pub and the stage was in a dusty arena in the middle. 3500 tickets had been presold, it was a sell out and the biggest crowd ever here.
When doors opened the people rushed to the back to get the seats back there - what the?? There was only a few of us regulars down the front, and what a night we all had!! The people crowded down the front soon enough as Sam Hawkesby entertained us with a short acoustic set. He is Adam Brand’s guitarist, so Adam and his band followed and some I know were out of control. For a country singer he is really good though. He always puts in a good one and gets the crowd going.
As the night went on the excitement built until Jimmy came onto the stage with his band to the taped intro of Driving Wheels. Guess this gives the guys time to set up before they take over. Only one change to the band tonight - Davey Lane was back, Danny Spencer gone. Those windmill arms were working over time but there was no scissor kicks! It was an excellent gig, so much fun. Jimmy worked the crowd well, lots of laughs and smiles for all. There were a few stories to give the crowd a bit of a laugh and add a personal touch to the show. The set list was awesome, all the favourites were there - Driving Wheels, Still On Your Side, Wheels In Motion, Merry Go Round to name a few. There was a couple from Out In The Blue - the title track, Out In The Blue, Losing You and When Two Hearts Collide with Elly. Mahalia belted out Proud Mary, pregnancy certainly not slowing her down. At one point Jimmy had to call for help for someone in the crowd. They had passed out, jumped up then dropped again. One too many Bundy’s no doubt!! Apart from that, all was good in the huge crowd, all having a great night out in Rocky. Adam Brand joined Jimmy on stage for the first encore. He sang a verse in The Weight, as did Mahalia and Davey. Then he got his guitar for a bit of Khe Sanh. He looked like he was in seventh heaven singing Khe Sanh with his idol. They all left the stage then Davey reappeared first for the guitar solo of Goodbye. The others joined him and a fast and frenzied Goodbye closed the night off. For nearly 2 hours Jimmy kept us entertained, putting in his usual 110%, who could ask for more. It was an excellent gig.



Driving Wheels
Good Times
Wheels In Motion
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Choir Girl
Losing You
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Love And Hate
Lay Down Your Guns
When Two Heart Collide . w/ Elly-May
Cheap Wine
Ressurrection Shuffle
Out In The Blue
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Proud Mary . w/ Mahalia
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
The Weight . w/ Adam Brand
Khe Sanh