This was a big event in Mackay, the opening of their new Entertainment and Convention Centre. I believe they were still working on the venue the previous day and only just got it finished.
It was a seated gig and not quite as many as last night in Bundaberg. It was a much different atmosphere with a lot of older people in the crowd. But it was still a great gig. The set list was mixed up again with I’d Die To Be With You the first song. It was followed by Good Times and we were on the edge of our seats waiting for someone to start the mosh pit. We were a little unsure how it would go down here, so we waited. It took awhile but finally they came in from both sides and we were up Much better! The show was being filmed and there was a big camera in the middle aisle blocking the way down to the stage - he soon moved though. Now that everyone was up the atmosphere lifted and the place started rocking. Hands were grabbed, smiles thrown in all directions as Jimmy excited the crowd to no end. These guys wouldn’t get to see Jimmy too often I guess and they were making the most of it and loving it. Khe Sanh was the last song of the main set, something different - where’s Working Class Man? The encore started with The Weight. Mahalia sang the first verse, then Jackie, who is singing really well and Davey who is an awesome singer in his own right. (His band The Pictures are worth checking out.) Tony played a verse on keys. It was his band, The Badloves who originally did the duet with Jimmy. March Punch had a turn too with a bit of guitar. An interesting end to the night with Working Class Man being the last song. Knew it would have to be there somewhere. Love how Jimmy is mixing the songs around, makes it a bit more unpredictable, a bit of a surprise. I did think he may come back for Goodbye but he didn’t and I was a bit disappointed he didn’t. But hey that didn’t last long - what a night it had been, I think the opening of Mackay’s new Centre was a huge success, apart from a couple of hiccups. Blocked toilets before the show is not a good thing. But no one cared about that, they had had the best concert there and tonight, that was all that mattered.



I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Good Times
Lover Lover
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Cheap Wine
Losing You
Ressurrection Shuffle
When Two Heart Collide . w/ Elly-May
Lay Down Your Guns
Merry Go Round
Out In The Blue
Proud Mary . w/ Mahalia
Flame Trees
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Khe Sanh
The Weight
Working Class Man