Tour 09 - let’s go!!!
The Palais was the first gig of the Tour 09 shows and wow, what a show it was. We went for dinner first for my birthday but were back in plenty of time before doors. It was such a slow process to get in once doors opened at 7.45pm. Mahalia was supposed to start at 8pm, no way, there were people everywhere trying to get in. By the time we got inside and to the door we could hear Mahalia had started. We went flying in to enjoy her show. With her on stage she had Ben Rodgers, Rob Woolf and Darren Percival. She played for about half an hour or so and got everyone in the mood, ready for Jimmy.
After a short break Driving Wheels filled the air. It was the intro CD but it sounded really good, must have better acoustics here. The band came on and took over as Jimmy strode onto the stage to thunderous applause, dressed in leather pants, white shirt and plenty of bling. He looked great, what other 53 year old could pull that off?? And what a performance he put on - two and a half hours of brilliance. This would have to be one of his best gigs in recent times. He was full of energy and it lasted the whole night. His voice was awesome, never missing a note. And the set list - loved the oldies he’d pulled from the archives, loved the hits and loved the new ones, The oldies, Time Will Tell, Going Down Alone, Change Of Heart, Radio Song, the old Chisel favourites, Breakfast At Sweethearts - unreal!! What a choice of songs!!
Half way through there was an interval and when they returned there was a short acoustic set with Jackie on a small drums and percussion, Ben on upright bass, Davey and Mark with acoustic guitars and all were seated. After Catch Your Shadow, Mexican Harp player Victor Valdez joined them on stage with his harp. He added something special to Flame Trees, When Two Hearts Collide and Still On Your Side. With the acoustics gone it was into some new songs. Red Hot is the single from the album coming out shortly. It reminds me of Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller, which always went off when in the set, this one will too. Ross Wilson was there and joined Jimmy for Shake Rattle and Roll, and he was shaking those hips!! It had been advertised everywhere that there was strictly no standing in the front rows. There was no room between the stage and the front row for a mosh pit and security were sitting in both aisles to stop anything happening. But a bit into the set a few behind got up, so we did too. But they didn’t stay up and they were up and down from that point on. In hindsight we should have just stayed up and seen what happened. It is really hard to stay seated through all those awesome songs.
Do Or Die was the last song of the main set and they returned for an encore of Come Undone, Wheels In Motion and Working Class Man.
Well Jimmy, you have done it again - given us another different and brilliant night. Can’t wait for the rest of the tour, going to be awesome!!




Driving Wheels
Used To The Truth
Too Much Ain't Enough
Radio Song
Going Down Alone
Little Darlin'
Time Will Tell
Breakfast At Sweethearts
Red Light
Love Is Enough
Lay Down Your Guns
Khe Sanh
Catch Your Shadow (acoustic)
Flame Trees (acoustic)
When Two Hearts Collide (acoustic)
I'm Still On Your Side (acoustic)
Red Hot
You Can't Judge A Book
Shake Rattle And Roll . w/Ross Willson
Change Of Heart
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Good Times
No Second Prize
Do Or Die
Come Undone
Wheels In Motion
Working Class Man