August 08th 2009 .... TOUR 09 - ENMORE THEATRE - SYDNEY

We had decided not to go to the first Enmore show but when the second one was announced - well couldn’t miss another one. And lucky we went - what a great night that had some very special guests!!! It was also Mahalia’s last gig before she has the baby. And she finished up in style, with the Soulmates as the support act. She had the place rocking with a powerful act. She had the place rocking with a powerful performance. We’ll miss her before Jimmy’s gigs but I’m sure she will be back on stage real soon.
There was a quick break before Jimmy and his band entered the stage to the sounds of Driving Wheels. And what a surprise when David Campbell came on to the stage to join Mahalia, Elly and Shauna on backing vocals.
After a few songs we were up and out of our seats and just in time Jimmy told us. He announced his first guest, Ian Moss. Unreal!! Didn’t the crowd just love that!!! The show just reached another level as Jimmy and Mossy performed When The War Is Over. It was magic, these two singing together - ah, the memories! His guitar playing is amazing and he pushed Davey that bit further too - well done Davey. I must add how well Davey played the intro to Breakfast At Sweethearts, especially with Mossy in the house, would have been a bit intimidating for him I’m sure. Anyway from When The War Is Over it was into Merry Go Round (so glad to be standing for this song). How good was this!! Then the break came and security made everyone sit down again. It’s ok to be sitting at the start of the second set, for the acoustic set, but as soon as Red Hot began we were ready to get up and as soon as Jimmy said they had a problem the night before with boring people sitting in the front row we were up and everyone followed. Tough luck security!!! David came down the front and joined Jimmy in Good Times. He got right into it and I reckon his screams were bigger than Jimmy’s! It was awesome; I don’t know who enjoyed it more - Jimmy, David or me!! The set was slightly shorter than the Palais by one or two songs. Do or Die was the last song of the main set and was so fast and furious I thought I was going to have to jump on stage and put my lifeguard techniques into practice with a bit of first aid - Jimmy was out of control. Loved it!
The encore was Working Class Man and Goodbye and I’ve got to say Goodbye is the best song to end the show, it just doesn’t feel right without it.
Once again Jimmy had put on a brilliant show, that impressed everyone - old fans and new. The Enmore is a great venue and it was such a treat having Mossy and David joining Jimmy on stage. Awesome!!!!




Driving Wheels
Too Much Ain't Enough
Radio Song
Come Undone
Little Darlin'
Breakfast At Sweethearts
Red Light
Love Is Enough
Lay Down Your Guns
When The War Is Over .w/ Ian Moss
Merry Go Round .w/ Ian Moss
Catch Your Shadow (acoustic)
Flame Trees (acoustic)
When Two Hearts Collide (acoustic)
I'm Still On Your Side (acoustic)
Red Hot
You Can't Judge A Book
Shake Rattle And Roll
Wheels In Motion
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Good Times .w/ David Campbell
No Second Prize
Khe Sanh
Do Or Die
Working Class Man