September 06th 2009 .... AND ONTO BRISBANE - TIVOLI THEATRE

Headed back to Brisbane for the gig at Tivoli. What an old venue and a hard one to find. There was a large queue forming when we arrived. I loved this gig. Elly and the guys were support again and the crowd were more responsive to her tonight. Let’s face it, it’s a tough job coming on before Jimmy and winning the crowd over. She did well.
We were packed in from the start tonight, it was a sell out and it was a standing gig - so much more atmosphere. It went off! Everyone had fun, Jimmy, the band, the crowd, everyone from the moment they took over from the Driving Wheels intro CD to the very last words and beyond of Goodbye. The night was split in two again with a short interval. A good thing, it meant the set was longer, 27 songs in all. Awesome!! Money, Losing You. Little Darlin’, Red Light, Catch Your Shadow, When Two Hearts Collide - all back in the set. Jimmy worked the crowd well as he moved from side to side along the front of the stage, grabbing hands as he went, getting signs passed to him, the crowd were out of control. But in a good way, just enjoying every moment. Jimmy was enjoying himself - what a difference a standing crowd makes. The band were on fire too. Don’t know how Jackie keeps up the pace on those drums sometimes. Dario and Davey were awesome and were enjoying themselves. At the end once Jimmy had left the stage the two of them stood side by side with their guitars pointed at the crowd like they were gunning them down. Too funny! The crowd loved Victor when he came on with his harp and he got many screams from the girls. I hear he is a bit of a ladies man, and who would have thought the harp would make songs like Flame Trees and Still On Your Side even more special. The crowd were enjoying the new songs, especially Red Hot; it is a very catchy song. Merry Go Round came after the new songs and it sent all of us, well us front rowers into a frenzy jumping all over the place. Do Or Die did the same. The encore was Working Class Man and Goodbye. It was sad to say Goodbye, this road trip was over for us, and there was another show at the Tivoli in a couple of days, but some of us had to go back home for work. Damn, so wanted to stay, loving these shows with no theatre restraints and loving this band. Only a few days to wait though for the last show of this tour back in Melbourne.




Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Time Will Tell
Too Much Ain't Enough
Losing You
Radio Song
Little Darling
Breakfast At Sweethearts
Red Light
Love Is Enough
Lay Down Your Guns
Khe Sanh
Catch Your Shadow (acoustic)
Flame Trees (acoustic)
When Two Hearts Collide (acoustic)
I'm Still On Your Side (acoustic)
When The War Is Over (acoustic)
Red Hot
You Can't Judge A Book
Shake Rattle And Roll
Merry Go Round
No Second Prize
Good Times
Do Or Die
Working Class Man