Our next destination was Canberra, a quick trip for an awesome gig.
The venue was the Royal Theatre - a huge room in the convention centre. Everyone gathered in the foyer drinking, buying merchandise and chatting excitedly as we waited for doors to open.
Once we got in it was a bit of a wait before support came on. Not quite sure on the support act - a woman singing songs from musicals, not what you would expect to be supporting Jimmy. Thought maybe I was at a David Campbell show!
No, once she was over it was Jimmy who hit the stage as the intro to Driving Wheels filled the room. Tonight saw the return of Dario Bortolin after a week’s break and Jak Housden who was filling in for Davey Lane who has You Am I and The Pictures commitments. Jak has played with Jimmy quite a bit when needed. He is from The Badloves and The Whitlams. Danny, Tony, Wazza and Shauna were all here - once again an awesome band. There’s such a vibe happening up there on stage and they all look like they are having the best time playing together with Jimmy, there was lots of laughs and fun. There were no scissor kicks from Jak but he is a great player and fits in well. Dario is awesome on bass and love the way he always interacts with the guys and with the crowd too. Danny is a brilliant guitarist and has been with Jimmy so long now on and off and he still looks like he enjoys playing all these songs. Tony looks a lot more relaxed after his break and Wazza is excellent, so good to see that grin back on his face permanently, now he’s playing with his mate Dario again! Love this band and hope Jimmy holds onto them and Davey too of course, once he’s back from his other bands.
This was such a huge venue and it was a shame those who had purchased seats were not allowed to come rock in the mosh pit, would have built the atmosphere up a bit. It was the best lighting we’d seen in ages, maybe because the smoke machine wasn’t used. So much better, you could actually see everyone on stage quite clearly.
Not much change to the set list from the previous gigs, just a couple of songs missing. So unfortunately it was a shorter gig tonight but the hits were there and the crowd got into them as Jimmy belted them out. The encore started with Jimmy and Tony doing Four Walls, just Jimmy and the keys - brilliant. The rest of the band joined in half way through the song.
All too quickly we were singing along to Goodbye as Jimmy revved the band up to finish the night on a high. With this band and Jimmy’s sensational, powerful voice, it couldn’t get better!!




Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Sit On My Knee
Lover Lover
Ressurrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
Out In The Blue
Red Hot
Shake Rattle And Roll
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
No Second Prize
Good Times
You've Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Four Walls
Khe Sanh
Good Bye