December 05th 2009 .... CHISEL ROCKS V8'S - OLYMPIC PARK - SYDNEY

Well the big day had arrived, Cold Chisel in concert at the V8s. It was a warm, sunny day - perfect for hanging out at Olympic Park. Made our way there on the train - easy. We had upgraded our tickets from general admission to grand stand a couple of weeks ago for an extra $200 only to find out you could upgrade there on the day for $40. Could have saved $160 but there was no way we were missing out on the Hot Zone area in front of stage and it was worth every cent spent.
It was a long day waiting for gates to open, but everyone was there and we had plenty of time to catch up. It was funny; everyone queuing up was from Jimmy’s website. We all purchased our Chisel merchandise outside, filled in some time. There was a huge rush on it all and they sold out of t-shirts way too quickly. What did they expect??
When the gates finally opened the race for front row was on and we all bolted as fast as we could, must have been a sight!! But we all made it to the front and as I looked across I knew nearly everyone from front row at Jimmy gigs. The Hot Zone took awhile to fill, but it did. And as soon as Grinspoon hit the stage the crowd were jumping the fence to get in. Grinspoon didn’t do much for me but some around were getting into it jumping around. Living End were on next and they were excellent. They put on a really good show but the crowd got feral. Security was great though and were straight onto them. They weren’t really doing that much wrong just jumping around and having fun, but they did get out of control and some fights did start. Quite a few were dragged over the top of us and I had to duck for cover. Security did come back to check that we were all OK and asked if we wanted to get out. Yeah, we’re fine, no problem, experienced at this and no we most certainly did not want to get out and give up the front row!!
The stage was enormous and the lighting production was huge. As it got closer to the time ‘Cold Chisel’ lit up the big screen at the back of the stage. Very effective!
Chisel came on to thunderous applause, it was so exciting. The crowd had calmed down and we had room to move and get into it. There was a few comments on Jimmy’s pants - they were Victor Valdes style only leather. I kept waiting for him to shake his leg for a bit of percussion!!
Standing On The Outside was a great song to start the show. It was a similar set list to Port Augusta with a few extra songs thrown in. Chisel songs are all brilliant songs, it would be a hard job to decide which ones to play, but I reckon they chose really well. Tried to pick out a few favourites but it was just too hard, each one of them was awesome and Jimmy and Mossy sang them brilliantly. A bit unfortunate that Don blew his piano early on in the night but he soldiered on, on the organ til the problem was rectified. It was still fantastic. All the band really looked like they were enjoying playing together again. Lots of smiles, laughs and interaction between all members. It was a great feeling to see Jimmy and Mossy singing so well together, complimenting each other. We really need to see more of it. Andy Bickers and Dave Blight are both great additions to the band, Dave’s been playing harmonica with them forever and Andy played sax on the Ringside tour. They both enhance certain songs. One of the highlights for me was Jimmy singing Letter To Allan, that songs means a lot to the band and Jimmy delivers it so brilliantly. Tonight we got Goodbye to finish up the first encore and it was awesome. Thought that was then end but no they came back for more - Breakfast At Sweethearts and Last Wave Of Summer. Awesome!
Although this gig was probably a better gig, performance and production wise than Port Augusta I still think I preferred Port Augusta. It was more in your face stuff, which I love.
Then it was over, after all the waiting it was over and we all wanted more Chisel.
Such a pity there was not a pub nearby for us all to go and reflect on the greatest band ever. Now we just have to hope and pray for a national tour in the not too distant future. But who knows how long we’ll have to wait!




Standing On The Outside
Shipping Steel
Things I Love In You
Saturday Night
Painted Doll
Cheap Wine
Don't Let It Go
Choir Girl
My Baby
Rising Sun
Forever Now
Hound Dog
When The War Is Over
Nothing I Want
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Bow River
Four Walls
One Long Day / Letter To Allan
Breakfast At Sweethearts
Last Wave Of Summer