It had been a couple of months since the last Jimmy gig so was hanging out for a Jimmy fix. There was no rush to get there as we had purchased a reserved seat in the VIP section in front of the stage. There was a large queue formed when we arrived and it was a long process to get in. When we got in and got to the VIP section, what a shambles it was. Seats were not numbered the same as the tickets and were not in much order. People were sitting anywhere they pleased. In front of that section was a moshpit. Must be for the VIP guests we thought. But no, anyone could go in there. OK, we would rather be standing in front of the stage than sitting but we could have saved ourselves $60.00
Stayed in our seats while the local supports were on, but we were down the front ready for Swanee. Even though he had a migraine he was still rocking, moving across the stage, standing on speakers, extending his microphone out into the crowd getting them to sing along. He was great singing all the oldies. Hold Your Head High and If I Were A Carpenter were included in his hour set. I made the comment at the time that he should have been on after The Whitlams and I was so right. The crowd on a high after Swanee, were quickly brought down, a very negative band in my opinion. Jak Housden rocks but this band does not do him justice. Tim Freedman drank a bottle of red wine in their one hour set of very depressing music. (There’s no aphrodisiac like boredom.)
When they had finally left the stage security went around the moshpit and removed everyone under 18. OK fair enough but why let them in there in the first place. It would have been quite upsetting for them as most were there waiting to see Vanessa Amorosi, and as she is about to come on they have to go find somewhere else to watch from. Something else for the organisers to learn from.
Vanessa came on and the tempo lifted again. She is fantastic and has so much energy on stage and has such a powerful voice. The crowd love her and a few got a bit excited, soon sorted out by security. Vanessa sang her old hits plus some songs from her new album. Saw her gig in Melbourne the other week and really enjoyed that too.
But now it was time for Jimmy. Love and Hate was the first song he started off with, him and the band were straight into it. The band for this weekend was Dario Bortolin, Tony Featherstone, Davey Lane, Warren Trout and Pete Satchell - a great combination. On backing vocals was the three girls - Mahalia, EJ and Elly. Not often we get the three of them together on the stage backing their dad! Following Love and Hate was No Second Prize, a rocking start before we were introduced to a couple of new songs, Taking Time and God or Money. Both are fantastic rock songs, like the Jimmy of old. God or Money is a very catchy tune. Later on we were treated to a couple more new ones - Adam Was Just A Man, a little bit gospel like and Turn It Around which was played on the Red Hot Summer Tour. I think Turn It Around is probably my favourite of the new ones but I love them all. This new album is going to be so good and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs. Exciting stuff!! Too quickly we were into Working Class Man and the end of the main set. Khe Sanh started the encore and it ended with Do Or Die. Jimmy gave us the punch and threw in a couple more along the way - love it! It was an awesome way to end.
The crowd had been good around us, which makes for a better night. Drinks were not allowed in the moshpit., so maybe when the drinkers went to the bar they couldn’t get back in as they did stop people from entering., to stop the over crowding. Liked that idea but not sure if it lasted all night. But all was and all had fun.
Afterwards we had to make our way back to Sydney. The trip took longer than expected thanks to the motorway being closed. Got back around 4am and had to be at the airport at 6am. No time for sleep!

Love And Hate
No Second Prize
Taking Time
God Or Money
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Used To The Truth
Red Hot
I'm Still On Your Side
When Adam Was Just A Man
Rising Sun
Choir Girl
Lay Down Your Guns
Lover Lover
Turn It Around
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Ride The Night Away
You've Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh
Do Or Die