Continuing on from the night before, we arrived in Brisbane at 7.30am. Too early to check into our hotel. Thought that would be the case so we were ready for the gig. Sounds funny hey, but gates were at 11am. After some breakfast we hit the road for Calypso Bay. Where the hell was sunny Queensland we thought as we caught a bit of rain on the way.
Harrigans Drift Inn is set in the mariner at Jacobs Well, Calypso Bay. It was a really nice venue on the water, would have been much better though had the sun come out. This was one of Regional Touring’s gigs so all was well organised.
We had to go through a couple of support acts at first. The rain fell on and off through out the day and we’d all got our garbage bags (for $2) for protection, some fans made ponchos with them. We were lucky that at the front there was a wooden platform attached to the barrier for us to sit/stand on and keep out of the slush.
When Jimmy came on it started to bucket down, real heavy rain. Jimmy grabbed his microphone and moved back to stand on the drum platform. Poor Davey copped it the worst, he got drenched, not a good weekend for him to change sides of the stage!! It was debatable if the show would stop or not as it got quite dangerous up on the stage with all that water. But Jimmy being Jimmy kept going and lucky the rain gave us a break. The crowd were getting right into it despite the conditions and it was a much better atmosphere and a much better gig than yesterday in Orange. Rain threatened many times throughout the main set but nothing more than drizzle eventuated after the initial onslaught. That was until near the end when you could see the heavens were going to open again, Jimmy and the band went off the stage after Working Class Man and returned quickly for the encore. So quickly that Dario was left behind, missing in action. He made it onto the stage just in time for Khe Sahn. Jimmy told us it was the quickest Working Class Man they had done and would probably be the quickest Khe Sanh, and it was. But the song just finished as it bucketed down again. I reckon it was a great effort from everyone involved to give us the gig. The crew worked quickly between change overs to get Jimmy on early, hoping to beat the rain. Well done to Jimmy and the band to continue playing in such dangerous conditions. But that’s Jimmy for you, never one to disappoint his fans. And thanks to Macca from Regional Touring for yet another great gig. Can’t wait for the next one.

Love And Hate
No Second Prize
Taking Time
God Or Money
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Red Hot
I'm Still On Your Side
When Adam Was Just A Man
Rising Sun
Lay Down Your Guns
Lover Lover
Turn It Around
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Ride The Night Away
You've Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh