The Breath of Life Concert is a great way to raise money for lung disease. And what value for money - $35 and we had entertainment from 10am - 10pm, from local bands to Jimmy Barnes with many great acts in between.
The day started with some school bands, we missed most of those, we weren’t there that early! All around were kids doing all sorts of tricks - a bit of juggling, hula hooping and stilt walking among them. At 2pm the ‘names’ appeared. Deni Hines came on to sing a few songs to backing CD. Very weird and not my type of thing. She jumped off the stage and went wandering through the crowd singing, she has a good voice and at least she sang live but with a live band would have been a lot better! Darryl Beaton and ?? someone came on and played a few covers, then country singer Beccy Cole came on. She was hilarious. The words to her songs and how she delivered them was so funny I had tears rolling down my face I was laughing so much. Troy Cassar Daly followed her. He was not well but put on a good show. He was helped out by his wife on vocals and Diesel joined in on a few songs on banjo. Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson were on next. She had a lot of fans down here in country Tassie! Enough of the country though, we were ready to rock. And Diesel gave us that; he rocked the place when he came on with his band. Lee and Ritchie. He played all his hits and was joined by the choir for a few songs. They sounded great once their microphones were adjusted, really added a different sound to some of the old hits. There was a bit of drama when Lee’s towel caught on fire from one if the lights. Lucky Mick was on the ball and ran onto the stage to grab it and remove it before any damage was done. Diesel was great and got us ready for Jimmy.
A couple of local guys with their guitars played with another choir while the change over between Diesel and Jimmy went on. Then just as Jimmy hit the stage it happened again, out of the blue the skies opened up again and we were soaked right through! We had enjoyed warm, sunny weather all day and all night until Love And Hate filled the grounds of Reese High School and beyond. This was supposed to be a Rhythm and Blues gig with the band from America. Can’t say I was sorry it wasn’t, that it was a rock gig with the usual rocking band of Davey Lane, Dario Bortolin, Tony Featherstone. Pete Satchell, Warren Trout and Shauna Jensen and Elly May on backing vocals. It was another alcohol free gig so no trouble here and we were able to get lost in the music, loved it. Once again the rain did not deter the crowd or ruin the fun. As Jimmy belted out the songs the rain pelted down. It was wet on stage but this stage was better equipped for such weather and there was no threat of the show stopping. The four new songs were played again amongst all the hits and I’m loving them, a bit of vintage Jimmy. As per usual Working Class Man finished off the main set. For the encore Jimmy was joined by the others. Troy Cassar Daly was first to sing with Jimmy. They sang Bird On A Wire, it’s probably been awhile since they have sung this as they struggled with the words, well Jimmy did! But all was good. Jimmy and Diesel sang Still Got A Long Way To Go. That was fantastic; it’s always great to hear the two of them together. Then Kasey was up for When Two Hearts Collide. Not a fan of hers by she does sing this song well with Jimmy. To finish off everyone came on stage and sang Khe Sanh. What a way to end an awesome day. They all left to thunderous applause from a crowd that had been treated to some excellent entertainment throughout the day. I really think they could up the price of tickets and no one would complain, it would still be a bargain. And it would make a bit more money for the lung foundation. Although I’m sure a lot was raised anyway. It was an awesome day/night.

Love And Hate
No Second Prize
Taking Time
God Or Money
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Red Hot
I'm Still On Your Side
When Adam Was Just A Man
Rising Sun
Choir Girl
Lay Down Your Guns
Lover Lover
Turn It Around
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
You've Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Bird On A Wire . w/ Troy Casser Daly
Still Got A Long Way To Go . w/ Diesel
When Two Hearts Collide . w/ Kasey Chambers
Khe Sanh