Toowoomba was our next destination to visit to see Jimmy, the Empire Theatre the venue. We had seen Jimmy here before on the Out In The Blue Tour and were not really impressed with the place. We were made to sit for the whole show and security was onto anyone who moved. We debated whether to go or not, but really it was an easy decision - we were there!
It was a long trip down from Brisbane. It took two hours to get from the airport into Brisbane - road works!! And the nutters were out on the road from Brisbane to Toowoomba. But we made it.
It was again a seated gig, so no need to get there early. After a quick drink at the bar we took to our seats. The Black Sorrows were support and they entertained the crowd and most got into them.
There was a quick change over then Driving Wheels (the intro CD) filled the theatre as Jimmy and his band entered the stage. The place erupted and within two minutes everyone was out of their seats and down the front. Brilliant, no one stopped us this time. So much better.
The band was Dario Bortolin on bass, Tony Featherstone on keys, back home for good this time, Jackie Barnes on drums, back on guitar was the popular Danny Spencer and new to the band was Charlie Watts on guitar. And on backing vocals, Shauna Jensen and Elly May Barnes. It was a different combination and they were a bit rusty at first, some songs sounding not quite right. I’m sure that won’t last long. There were a couple of new songs in the set from the new album, Rage and Ruin. The first single, Before The Devil Knows Your Dead and God Or Money, both fantastic songs. There were a couple of oldies from Love and Fear added in, Time Will Tell and Temptation, two of my favourites. Also added in was another awesome song from Chisel’s Last Wave Of Summer - The Things I Love In You. How good is that?
What a list of songs and Jimmy power-housed through them all. And the crowd loved it. But it didn’t stop there. The first song of the encore was Going Down Alone from Psyclone, been a while since we’ve heard that live. Jimmy kept the fans waiting - Khe Sanh was the last song of the night.
It was a much better atmosphere than we previously experienced here. Everyone piled out of the theatre at the end with a smile on their face. Toowoomba had rocked!! It was a great gig and I know things are only going to get better!!

Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
God Or Money
Things I Love In You
Flame Trees
Time Will Tell
Resurrection Shuffle
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
Good Times
Red Hot
Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Going Down Alone
Khe Sanh