June 05th - 19th 2010 .... WCM25 TOUR

The WCM25 Tour around Northern Queensland kicked off in Cairns. It was then down to Townsville the next day. Then back home to work. Missed the next weekend at Gladstone and Rockhampton. But were back the following weekend for Emerald and Mackay
It was a brilliant tour; love Jimmy and Shannon touring together, everyone gets on well in both bands by the looks of things. Jimmy’s band can be seen watching Shannon along with Jimmy and Shannon’s band can be seen watching Jimmy along with Shannon. They all look like they are having as much fun as what we are watching it all. Supporting them was a girl from Melbourne, Renee Cassar. She didn’t do much for me but a few seemed to enjoy her music.
Shannon was brilliant, a lot better than Hervey Bay, which was good to see, He is hot and gets the crowd worked up. His band, Matty, Chris, Chris, Mick and Michael are always having fun and look like they love playing with him. I just wish Shannon would change his set list around a bit, although it was slightly different to the Red Hot Summer Tour. His new song is quite catchy and should do well. What About Me always goes off and Shannon was either climbing the scaffolding or jumping from the stage and leaning into the crowd encouraging them to sing along. Don’t think much encouragement was needed though!!! Shannon really did put in some good performances this tour.
Jimmy rocked everywhere he went; him and his band were on fire for the whole trip. Dario, Danny, Tony, Charlie, Jackie, Elly and Shauna. Dario and Danny were inseparable and Tony was in there too. They were like naughty little boys at play, but they were having so much fun, it was very entertaining to watch. This was a great band but Davey and his scissor kicks and windmill arms were missed.
Jimmy looked great, fit as. He put in 100% plus more at each show. He too, seemed to be having a great time, lots of laughs, stories and fun. Jimmy’s set list was similar at each show, sometimes a couple of extra songs were added into the encore, Do Or Die and Goodbye. I would love these songs at all gigs; they are the best songs to end on, with Jimmy winding up the band and the crowd into frenzy. At some of he gigs Shannon got up with Jimmy to sing Khe Sanh and that was pretty damn good. He gets so excited singing with Jimmy, he worships him. He also goes around to all the band members and gets on great with Dario; they have a bit of fun together, lots of laughs between them. Love seeing Jimmy and Shannon with their arms around each other belting out Khe Sanh.
Whilst each gig was similar, each was different too!

June 05th 2010 .... FOGARTY PARK, CAIRNS - QLD
June 18th 2010 .... EMERALD SHOWGROUNDS - QLD
June 19th 2010 .... BLUE WATER QUAY, MACKAY - QLD

    It really had been a fantastic tour with so much fun had by all. It had some great destinations, some not so great. But wherever we were the gigs went down great with the locals (and the visitors). Whilst Emerald wasn't the best place, to me it was the best show with top performances by Shannon and Jimmy, their bands too. I loved Cairns as well, that was the best destination. But hey I loved them all. Hope to see these two do a lot more shows together in the future.