Did this gig on my own this time. Loved the snow up on Perisher last year and couldn't wait to get back. Took my mum on the road trip but left her back at the hotel while I ventured out to The Station.
After a day in the snow, everyone was in the pub next door having a drink and took a little while to head into the other room where Jimmy was playing. The Station is not a very big venue, holds about 600 the sign says. I'm sure a few more than that squeezed in though.
First on was a guy who sang a few songs with his guitar, he started virtually straight away, which was good, no hanging around waiting. He was followed by the same band that supported Jimmy up here last year. (their name escapes me) They were ok and got everyone to come down the front so it was packed in tight by the time Jimmy came on.
Charlie and his lap steel started off Driving Wheels and we were off. The sound was great tonight, very loud but very clear and Jimmy's voice not overpowered by guitars. With Tony retired, back on keys was Lachlan Doley. He is brilliant and was out of his seat going off and singing along to all the songs. He tours with Powderfinger, but with their last tour coming up let's hope Jimmy keeps him in the band. Lachy is awesome. Davey was there infront of him with his scissor kicks, the two of them were great to watch. On the other side of the stage was Dario, another awesome and popular band member. He is always full of fun, having a laugh with the band, with the crowd and with Jimmy too. Love his bass solo in Resurrection Shuffle.
Charlie is also a great guitarist and is lap steel is fantastic. He played it in a couple of songs tonight. Up the back was Jackie on drums, he certainly gives the drums a good work out.  He loves being home and playing in dad's band and we love having him back! Mahalia and Ben provided backing vocals. Ben also played some acoustic guitar in most songs. Mahalia had the place going mad when she swapped places with Jimmy to sing Proud Mary. Jimmy went up the back to her spot to do some backing vocals. Ruby was side of stage, with Jane, watching on - look like she is going to follow in mum's footsteps!
Not much change to the set list but it was really rocking tonight, everyone getting into it and enjoying a night out after a day on the slopes. I loved this gig, the band were awesome, the setlist was awesome and Jimmy, wow that voice is beyond awesome. Loving his gigs immensely at the moment. He is amazing, he just keeps going. He is singing so well and is so full of energy, no signs of slowing down. His new songs are excellent, they go down so well at gigs for unknowns songs. The album is going to be brilliant - back to Jimmy in his hey day, or even better!
It was a quick trip but had time to visit Thredbo, go up the mountain at Perisher, so beautiful up there in the snow, would love to spend more time up there - next year!!!


Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Things I Love In You
Flame Trees
God Or Money
Resurrection Shuffle
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
Turn It Around
Proud Mary. w/ Mahalia
Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
Good Times
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Red Hot
Khe Sanh