Rage and Ruin, Jimmy’s new, long awaited rock album was launched at Paddington Town Hall on Monday 16th August 2010. Fans were given the opportunity to win tickets on his website!! We were lucky enough to get an invitation, so we were off to Sydney, very excited indeed.
The night started off with Rage and Ruin cocktails in the bar and foyer area. It was packed in with family, friends, people from the industry, media and a few celebs.
At about 8pm the doors opened into the huge room where the concert was held. The backdrop of the stage was a painting of the infamous Largs Pier Hotel.
The crowd came running in, ready for the one off experience of hearing the album from start to finish.
Jimmy came onto stage with his 10 piece band. He looked every bit the rock star in his black jeans, black t-shirt and lots of silver bling. He had his normal band of Danny, Dario, Lachy, Jackie, Ben, Mahalia and Elly. Gary Pinto was on backing vocals with the girls. There was also a piano accordion plus Mark Simos, Jackie’s professor from Berklee, joined in on guitar for a few songs.
God Or Money opened up, followed by Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, the first single off the album. Both are great songs. Letter From A Dead Heart, Stupid Heart, the songs kept rolling out. Each one awesome, this was Jimmy at his best. He was so loud, so clear and there are no words to justify just how great his voice is. The ballads on this album showcase this. The album has something for everyone - slow, fast and many catchy tunes. Love Adam Was Just A Man and Turn It Around, but Largs Pier Hotel just tops it off. A sing-a-long, swaying, drink in one hand song - absolute classic! It was the last song of the night. I could have stayed there and gone through the album from start to finish once again. Truly amazing album, which could easily fit into the Freight Train Heart, Two Fires era.
What a night, the band were sensational too. Lots of new songs for then to learn and they played them all so well, after shaking off a few nerves.
Had the best time, thanks Jimmy for sharing this night with us all.
God Or Money
Before the Devil knows You're Dead
Letter From A Dead Heart
Stupid Heart
Adam Was Just A Man
I've Seen It All
Can't Do It Again
Time Can Change
This Ain't The Day That I Die
Love Can Break The Hardest Heart
Turn It Around
Largs Pier Hotel