Next on the list was Caloundra Music Festival. What a line up they had, and what weather!!
Got up to Queensland late Friday night and by the sounds of things we were lucky to get there with the weather they were having. It was cold, wet and so windy. Powderfinger had played there that night, how unfortunate!
Next day was a little better as we headed over to the festival for a day filled with music. It was so muddy in there after last night, it was disgusting. We headed to the front, which at least had rhe metal platform from the barrier to stand on; it kept us out of most of the slush, getting out for food and drink proved a difficult task. There were two stages next to each other, the main stage and a smaller one which was used in between sets while the change over was taking place.
Dan Sultan, Lior, The Audreys were some of the more popular names on the main stage early on. Dan Sultan was ok; the others did nothing for me. Michael Paynter was on the smaller stage after The Audreys and this was the first artist we had any interest in. He was fantastic, should have been on the main stage I reckon. Have seen him a few times and quite enjoy his music. He was followed by Jon Stevens. As Jon turned it on so did the weather. The rain set in for the rest of the night, sometimes it was quite heavy. Jon was brilliant; he kept coming out into the rain, standing on the boom boxes to belt out the songs. Look out Jonny, not as young as you used to be! But what a voice - wow!! He played some songs from his soon to be released album, plus all his hits, solo and from Noiseworks. He was very popular with the crowd. After Jon, there was some noise coming from the small stage that came banging through the boom boxes giving us all a headache. Then Tim Finn appeared and we relived the gold old days of Split Enz and Crowded House. He actually sings the songs quite differently and it took me a minute or two to recognise some of the oldies. I See Red ended his set and he was jumping around like days of old - well almost.
Another act to get through, then Jimmy came striding onto the stage and Charlie started Driving Wheels. His lap steel adds so much to the songs he plays it in - Driving Wheels, Merry Go Round and On Your Side. Danny was on the other guitar; he also played with Jon Stevens. (Danny actually plays on Jon’s new album) He decided he too was going to come out in the rain onto the boom boxes. Charlie considered but decided no, it wasn’t going to happen. Dario was enjoying himself as he always does, whilst playing a mean, heavy bass. He is very talented and very much in demand, lucky Jimmy is his priority! Lachy had played here last night with Powderfinger and was continuing with their tour, so Scotty Aplin was on keys. He is really, really good and gets right into it, not quite up to a Doley standard though, who is?? Jackie was on drums, working up a sweat in the rain. He has become one hell of a drummer and like his dad gives it 110% each show. Joining Elly, who was shaking her groove thing in her fringe dress, was Tina Harrod. It’s been awhile since Tina has been up the back singing with Jimmy. I believe she has been busy with her own gigs and stuff.
Jimmy was awesome as usual, enjoying singing with his band again after Chisel, back in full control. Having a laugh at us all in the rain, he belted out all his hits. Like who cared that they were soaked right through, certainly not me, I was having the best time. I did love the Chisel gigs; Jimmy solo is what I love best. Driving Wheels, Still On Your Side, Temptation, Ride The Night Away, love all those songs. He only had a few songs from Rage and Ruin, which was a pity. Maybe more will be added when the Rage and Ruin tour starts next week. It was great to finish off with a fast and furious Goodbye, Jimmy winding the band up. Just as it should be played - awesome stuff!!
Despite the rain and the mud it was a fun day at the festival with lots of music playing continuously all day. It is really well run, is a great set up and when the weather is good a fantastic location.
Managed to avoid most of the mud getting out, went back to the hotel and dried off before heading up to the Tavern for a bit of Jon Cleary. A full on, fun day and night!!


Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Things I Love In You
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
Lover Lover
Letter from A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
God Or Money
Resorrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Merry Go Round
No Second Prize
Good Times
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh