What a line up this gig was - Jon Stevens, Vanessa Amorosi and Jimmy Barnes - how good was that??
Had never been to the Derwent Entertainment Centre before, it was rather large, with general admin on the floor and reserved seating up the back, like a stadium. The foyer opened up first and you could in grab a drink, some food and some merchandise before heading in.
First up was a local support band that did quite a good job warming up the crowd.
Jon Stevens was in fine form again and had the crowd rocking. A lot around had no idea who he was, but they recognised the songs once he started. Reach Out, In My Youth, Hot Chilli Woman, the list goes on. He is awesome and going strong after his open heart surgery last year.
Vanessa Amorosi took to the stage next. Love how she has her drummer, Johnny Salerno at the front of the stage, something a bit different. Johnny also plays with Jon Stevens; he is a fantastic drummer and very entertaining watching him twirl his drumsticks as he plays. Vanessa has an amazing voice and she puts so much into her shows. She had the audience surprised when she jumped from the stage and took off with her microphone into the crowd. She came back to the stage and finished off with some rock.
Time for the main man, Jimmy. Jon and Vanessa were both great but not in the same class as Jimmy. Loved the back drop he was using for the Rage and Ruin Tour - a painting of the infamous Largs Pier Hotel. Tonight kicked off the tour so I was a little surprised that only three songs from the album were included - Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, God Or Money and Letter From A Dead Heart. The set list was almost the same as last week in Caloundra. The band was the same but helping Elly on backing vocals was Jane! She was having a lot if fun up there.
The crowd were a bit quiet so we tried to liven things up a bit with our hands up swaying for Flame Trees. A few joined in and they did get going as the night wore on and Jimmy entertained us with that awesome voice.
For the start of the encore Jon and Vanessa came onto the stage to join Jimmy in Good Times. Fantastic!! Three brilliant voices together, belting it out, loved it. They were having fun singing together and there were lots of laughs. That was followed by Khe Sanh, the last song of the night.
Afterwards Jimmy headed around to the merchandise desk to do a signing and photos. Just about everyone in line got a photo, poor Jimmy must have had an aching face smiling and an aching hand from signing! But everyone left the venue happy, no one disappointed. What a great night!


Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Things I Love In You
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
Lover Lover
Letter from A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
God Or Money
Resorrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Merry Go Round
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Good Times
Khe Sanh