Another big day at a Day On The Green. This week we headed up north to the Hunter Valley. Back to Bimbadgen Estate, where we visited a couple of years ago to the Australia Day DOTG that was broadcast live on Foxtel. I think it was a little bigger, a little less civilised than last week in S.A. The line up was almost the same but no Mossy this time, which was a shame. Dan Sultan turned up; he was a late withdrawal last week because of the Aria’s. And instead of Ross Wilson, we had Diesel. Michael Spibey opened up, followed by Swanee, who was moving around a bit more freely than last week after his knee operation. His set was far too short though and the crowd yelled for more as he left the stage. Next on was Dan Sultan. Saw him at Caloundra and he is not too bad, not much stage presence though. Diesel livened things up with some awesome guitar work. Mark Seymour ran out of time and upset the crowd when he announced there was no time for him to sing Throw Your Arms Around Me. Missed Tex Perkins as Jimmy was doing his signing at the merchandise tent. Vanessa rocked the crowd again after Tex and brought the vibe up ready for Jimmy.
Most were up out of their seats when he came on, how anyone could sit is beyond me - it is a rock and roll show after all. Some got up on their chairs but were soon told that was not the go. It was a great rocking set from Jimmy and the band, Danny, Dario, Scotty, Jackie, Charlie, Ben, Mahalia, Elly and Gary. The set list was a little different from last week, with a couple of songs dropped for Mahalia to sing a couple of her new songs - one about Ruby and one a bit more rock. Both were great songs and I look forward to hearing more of her new stuff. While see sang, Jimmy, Dario and Charlie left the stage. It was funny to see Ben play Dario’s bass upside down. They returned to the stage soon and were into the next song, Resurrection Shuffle.
No one joined Jimmy for a song tonight. I was expecting to see Vanessa, Diesel or even Michael Spibey come back, but no, not this time. This meant The Weight was gone and Good Times was back in the main street to finish it off. The encore was Khe Sanh and Working Class Man.
I was against seating at DOTG gigs to start with, but it is actually not that bad, as you are able to move about throughout the day with out fear of losing your spot. It also keeps the drunks pushing forward at bay. There was one big fight down the front though But that was sorted out by security. There was definitely a lot less trouble. Another good thing is that you can stand if you want and no one can complain, it is written on your wristband that you are able to stand in front of you seat. And there is room to dance and enjoy yourself. So all good!
After a long, enjoyable day it was then time to face the traffic jam in the car park. Had trouble finding the car but the golf buggy came to our rescue. We jumped in and were driven around to find it. Haha, another great time at a Jimmy gig. Ready for the next one.


Can't Do It Again
I'd Die To Be With You
Lover Lover
God Or Money
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
Letter from A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
(Song Unknown) by Mahalia
(Song Unknown) by Mahalia
Resurrection Shuffle
Largs Pier Hotel
Merry Go Round
I'm Still On Your Side
No Second Prize
Good Times
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man