Up to Sydney the next morning for the show at The Enmore Theatre. As it was reserved seating a few of us met up for a yummy Thai meal across the road beforehand.
We headed over and took our front row seats ready for Mahalia and The Soulmates. My god she has a powerful voice and her set was excellent. The crowd were right into it. The seats were so close to the front of the stage it was a bit of a strain on the neck looking up. Not much room for a mosh pit to form down here.
What an awesome performance Jimmy put on tonight. The sound was fantastic, very clear. We sat through a couple of songs on the edge of our seats, hanging to get up and rock. Wasn’t long before they were dancing in the aisles and we were up. Aaaah, much better!! It was a great mixture of old and new songs. Tonight saw the introduction of another song from the album, I’ve Seen It All, the title track from Rage and Ruin. Adam Was Just A Man returned. Adam hasn’t been played in the set since before the album release. I love this song and Jimmy made our night when he dedicated it to us, thanks Jimmy. There were a couple of special guests appearing on stage tonight - the piano accordion player from the album joined in a couple of songs. He did get in the way a bit and I didn’t think he was ever going to get off. But eventually he did. Mike Thompson the keyboard player from The Eagles joined Lachy on keys for a song, and Victor Valdez brought his Mexican harp on stage for Flame Trees, Largs Per Hotel and Still On Your Side. This adds s bit of variation to the songs. The band all had a good one. Dario, Danny, Lachy, Jackie, Charlie and Ben were all having a bit of fun up there, enjoying themselves. Jimmy was awesome giving it his all as always. He would have had a lot of family and friends in the audience and there were lots of laughs and smiles. It was a great night for all.
When Jimmy left the stage he was straight around to the foyer to do a signing. He has so much merchandise these days there is always something to spend your money on to get signed. The fans love these signings and it is a great opportunity for all to have a brief encounter with their hero. Well done to Jimmy for doing these after giving us so much on stage. What a fantastic night!


Can't Do It Again
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
God Or Money
Stupid Heart
Lay Down Your Guns
I've Seen It All
Turn It Around
Ride The Night Away
Letter From A Dead Heart
Red Hot
Time Can Change
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Largs Pier Hotel
I'm Still On Your Side
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Good Times
Working Class Man
Adam Was Just A Man
Resurrection Shuffle
Khe Sanh