The Kinross Woolshed in Thurgoona was the last gig for the year. The trip up to Albury saw a lot of water everywhere. The floods had affected surrounding areas and we hoped the venue was all ok. And it was, all good when we got there and fortunately the sun was out and it was a dry warm day. And inside was not at all muddy like I thought it may have been. Instead it was dusty!!
There was the four of us and two young kids that were down the front for Jimmy. The rest of the front row was practically all Vanessa Amorosi fans. What the?? It was a bit weird. The crowd took a really long time to build, guess people had to work, it being a Friday night. Most stayed in their chairs up the back until later on. There were a lot of marquees set up around the sides where people were holding their Christmas parties. What a great idea!
There was a local support act on first - a girl with a guitar. She was actually on for quite a long time, longer than most openers would get. Then it was Vanessa, and she turned it on again. I do enjoy her gigs and love watching her drummer Johnny Salerno spin his drumsticks as he plays. She was off into the crowd again with her microphone visiting those up the back. When she had finished all her fans left the front row and the Jimmy fans came forward. There was a lot of pushing and shoving and a few fights were close to breaking out. Why is it always the girls?? Thought we were going to need security to get things sorted but it all settled down when Jimmy came on. Although a couple of songs in a fight did break out and Jimmy had to call for security.
It was a bit of a hits night but there were five songs from the new album and The Things I Love In You returned to the set list, one of my favourite Chisel songs.
I had a lot of fun tonight and went a bit crazy; it was that kind of gig. The two kids next to me were having a ball and when things got a bit mad they jumped over the barrier and watched from in there. They gave me the thumbs up and they couldn’t keep the grins from their faces.
Jimmy moved across the stage throwing smiles and waves around everywhere and there was a lot of excited fans thinking one was for them. He attracts fans of all ages and connects with them all, young, old, male, female, no matter what race, everybody just loves him. His shows are as full on as ever, his voice better than ever. He has a fantastic band backing him. Danny Spencer on guitar is brilliant and doesn’t mind getting out on the edge of the stage to display his talents. Charlie Owen on the other guitar is a seasoned performer and Ben Rodgers joined in tonight on third guitar. Dario Bortolin on bass is the stable rock of the band, always helping, encouraging and keeping the vibe up whilst playing a mean bass. Lachlan Doley on keys, what a set of hands he has, he is so into his music and is always out of his seat going off. Jackie has turned into a fantastic drummer; he never misses a beat and always gives those drums his all. Always great to have Gary Pinto joining Mahalia and Elly on backing vocals. Would love to see him join Jimmy in a song. Mahalia’s voice is so strong and she harmonises so well. Elly is a little quieter, but she sure does shake her groove thing up there. The gig was rocking and far too quickly we were into Working Class Man. When Jackie finished off the song with a big bang they all left the stage with everyone screaming and cheering. They raced back on for the encore. Charlie nearly went flying but managed to save himself. Khe Sanh was first and as per usual the crowd went off. The night ended with a fast and hard version of Goodbye. Awesome!!
Once again Jimmy headed up to the merchandise tent when he came off stage and hung around for awhile signing things and having his photo taken. He does it all with a smile on his face, giving everyone a bit of his time, which everyone loves and appreciates.
This was the last gig before Christmas. Can’t wait to hit the road in 2011 on the Red Hot Summer Tour!!!


Can't Do It Again
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
God Or Money
The Things I Love In You
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
Letter From A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
Largs Pier Hotel
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Resurrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Good Times
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh