January 02nd - 23rd 2011 .... RED HOT SUMMER TOUR
Red Hot Summer Tour 2010 was an excellent tour with Adam Brand, Shannon Noll, Jimmy Barnes and 40 degree plus temperatures. Red Hot Summer Tour 2011 promised more of the same. Both our cars had broken down so we had no car between us. But between lifts from friends, hire cars and finally a new car, we made it to them all. It was a brilliant tour with Thirsty Merc, Noiseworks and Jimmy Barnes. But there was no 40 degrees. We had it all - rain, hail and shine, each gig went ahead no matter what. And each gig was awesome and different.
Thirsty Merc were alot better than I expected. Not really a fan but by the end of the tour I was singing along to their songs. They brought in a young crowd, a lot who came down the front for just them and moved away once they were done. At each gig once they came off stage they headed to the merchandise tent to meet and greet fans, sign their merch and pose for a photo. Good on them for that!
Noiseworks were great. A lot of the crowd were unsure who they were until they started up and they recognised their songs - Touch, Hot Chilli Woman, No Lies, In My Youth, Take Me Back etc The girls didn’t take long to Jon was hot and then the screaming started. He has an amazing voice and sure van hit those long, high notes. The rest of the band are fine musicians too - Stuart Fraser on guitar, Scotty Aplin on keys, Steve Balbi on bass and Kevin Nicol on drums. A great choice for the tour.
As for Jimmy, he and his band were awesome. The band for the tour was Danny Spencer on guitar with Charlie Owen, Dario Bortolin on bass, Lachlan Doley on keys, Jackie Barnes on drums. Gary Pinto was on backing vocals for all gigs, Mahalia and Elly both started the tour but only did a couple. Natasha Pinto (Gary’s wife) stepped in when Mahalia got sick and Scotty Aplin (Noiseworks) was a last minute fill in when Elly got sick. Those guys did a great job and finished off the tour. EJ also made an appearance at one of the gigs.
The set list had it all - new, old, Chisel hits and solo hits. It varied slightly at each gig and songs were changed around abit. Any variation no matter how slight is good.
Jimmy had a bad back from the word go but kept on going with injections helping him get through. Then there was the news of Steve Prestwich passing away only a few hours before the Mount Eliza gig. There were floods, but we were lucky to just miss them, though we did cop q bit of rain at a couple.
Good crowds were pulled at all and it was a lot less crazy than when Shannon nad his fans were on the tour. (except for Port Macquarie, which was one of the most feral gigs I have been to)
So the tour had it all, it was a tough one, but it was an excellent. I had an absolute ball at each and everyone.
January 02nd 2011 .... WARRNAMBOOL RACETRACK - VIC
January 06th 2011 .... MULWALA SKI CLUB - NSW
January 08th 2011 .... MARY ANN RESERVE, MANNUM - SA
January 09th 2011 .... MILDURA RIVER SOUNDSHELL - VIC
January 15th 2011 .... BONNIE DOON HOTEL - VIC
January 16th 2011 .... MORNING STAR ESTATE, MT ELIZA - VIC
January 22nd 2011 .... EUREKA STADIUM, BALLARAT - VIC
January 23rd 2011 .... LA TROBE EVENTS GROUND, MORWELL - VIC