January 26th 2011 .... MAGIC MOUNTAIN, MERIMBULA - NSW


Happy Australia Day!! We left sunny Nowra and hit the road for the three hour drive, still buzzing from last night. The further south we travelled the worse the weather became. On we drove through the windy roads, fog and rain. It was turning colder and colder. Very unpleasant conditions when we arrived at Magic Mountain. The park was open but there was hardly anyone about. The fog/mist was so thick you could hardly see the stage, and what a huge, high stage it was!! Fingers crossed it lifted before the gig started.
The park was cleared out at 3pm to get ready for 4pm gates. The weather did start to improve later on, the fog lifted and the rain finally eased up.
There was a local act on first. He ended up having to play longer than he was supposed to. There were a few dramas happening! Because of the weather Jimmy and his band were not able to land. Gary Pinto’s plane had to land a couple of hours away and he had to grab a car and drive to Merimbula. Luckily Jimmy’s plane was able to land eventually and there was a mad rush to the venue. When Mahalia came on stage she told us they nearly didn’t make it. She played a similar set to last night with the same band - Lachy, Danny, Ben, Jackie, Gary, Natasha and Dario came on to play guitar in Proud Mary with another awesome guitar solo! Always good to see what other talents the band members have.
Wasn’t long after and Jimmy rocked us out. There were a lot of excited kids around us down the front; there were some excited big kids too!! The set list was back around the normal way with Working Class Man ending the main set. With Steve’s funeral the following day, Jimmy and Gary dedicated When The War Is Over to him. This song has now taken on a new dimension.
There was no trouble here tonight and it was a great gig. The kids had a ball, some were in and out and some stayed right through, but all has fun. As did we! All put in a good one, as they always do. This band is great; they play so well together, are always having a bit of a laugh and enjoying themselves. It creates a great vibe which rubs off on everyone. Jimmy is lucky to have them.
It’s great to see Jimmy doing all these shows whilst having so much trouble with his back. You would never know how bad the pain was, he is amazing, and he just keeps going.
It was an early finish tonight, which suited us just fine. We had to drive back to Canberra; I had a 6am flight back from there to start back at work. The drive back was long and horrendous - fog, rain, windy roads. Made it to Canberra in time for a 30 minute nap before getting up and heading off, the things we do!!




Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
Cheap Wine
I'm Still On Your Side
Rising Sun
Letter From A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
Stupid Heart
Can't Do It Again
Resurrection Shuffle
Larg Pier Hotel
When The War Is Over . w/ Gary Pinto
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
Good Times
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh