Back to the Red Hot Summer Tour this weekend and up to Port Macquarie, to Cassegrain Winery. The queues to go in were massive, about 4000 people were expected. And I reckon they all turned up, it was massive.
It was a very hot day and the Winery was making the most of it with no restrictions on how much alcohol you could purchase at a time. Not hard to guess the results of that in the heat!!
All was good during Thirsty Merc and Noiseworks. Same old, same old with Thirsty Merc, but hey those songs are sounding so familiar now I found myself singing along to some. Noiseworks were great and had a few fans there. Quite a few bras were thrown at Jon which had him amused.
When Jimmy came on the whole place turned feral, worst gig I have ever been too I think. Too much drinking in the sun - as per usual. There were so many fights going on, Drunks were pulled over the barrier and thrown out, others were pulled over the barrier to escape. Jimmy was onto it all - he pointed out the trouble makers to be thrown out. For the first time ever, it was too much for me and I asked to go over the barrier to watch from in there. I believe there were 4 ambulances called in and the St Johns Ambulance Brigade were kept on their toes. Never experienced anything as bad as this at a Jimmy gig. Promoter’s had no control over the alcohol being served, it was the Winery. I’m sure if they had some say things would have been a lot better.
Having said all that, it was an awesome gig and I really enjoyed it, once out of the firing line!! . EJ joined the Elly and Gary on backing vocals today, awesome to see her again. Her partner in crime Ceci Herbert was also there and joined in a couple of songs. It was the day after Steve’s funeral and Jimmy and Gary sang another highly emotional When The War Is Over dedicated to him as Jimmy announced “We buried a brother yesterday” And once again it brought a tear to the eye.
This was supposed to be the last gig of the tour and it went off with a bang you could say!! It was an experience, but at the end of the day we still had fun and totally enjoyed the gig.
A couple more gigs were added to the tour but in between there were some other gigs to get to!!!



Can't Do It Again
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
God Or Money
Things I Love In You
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
I'm Still On Your Side
Rising Sun
Letter From A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
Stupid Heart
Larg Pier Hotel
Resurrection Shuffle
When The War Is Over . w/ Gary Pinto
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Good Times
Khe Sanh