What a huge day this was. We had a very early start, but not as early as some Shannon Noll fans who started lining up at 6am!! We were nowhere near that early but knew we had to be there early for a chance of front row. The morning actually went pretty quickly as we sat in our Red Hot Summer Tour chairs and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a bit scary when the Noll army turned up all wearing their Noll Army T-shirts!! There was so many of them!! Found it a bit unfair after lining up for so long that wheelchairs were allowed in first and were allowed to take in as many carers as they wanted. One took in eight minders with her, should only be one carer. There was a big charge as soon as the gates opened with people running in from everywhere. No organisation at all. We only just managed to get our spots squashed in between two wheelchairs. Luckily though after a bit we managed to get a bit of space and we were able to get in and out until it was time for Shannon Noll. I seriously didn’t understand the order of the line up.
Attack of The Mannequins opened up and they were really quite good, they sure as hell rocked and kept us entertained. I had seen them previously but enjoyed them a lot more this time. After them was Mossy, he really should have been on after Shannon I think. Shannon is great but he is not of the same quality as Mossy and the others. But I guess he has the fan base,who weren’t happy he was on before Noiseworks - really!!!
Anyway Mossy had his three piece up there - him, a drummer and a bass player. They were great and Mossy included quite a few Chisel songs along with his solo hits. He had the crowd singing along and created a competition between males and females in Saturday Night. His guitar work needs little comment, he is just so brilliant and he gets so lost in his playing. He really did deserve a higher billing.
After Mossy was Shannon Noll. It was a bit of a worry whether he would cut it. His voice is quite often not loud or powerful enough. Today he put on a good one, though he could have been turned up a bit though. I think he needs to take a chance and belt out a few songs instead of playing it safe all the time. But it was a solid performance and he held his own. Of course the Noll army were in full voice. Strachny (Pete Hellier) came on stage and joined in What About Me. Haha, a bit of fun and Strachny is always good for a laugh. At the end of the set Shannon jumped from the stage and did a quick run across the front for the grabbing hands.
The whole ante lifted though when Noiseworks came on and got straight into Hot Chilli Woman, it was hot Jonny Stevens!! Noiseworks were awesome. Jon sounded fantastic today, probably better than the Red Hot Summer Tour. Not just Jon though, but the whole band maybe jelled a bit better. The crowd were rocking along to all their oldies. They were singing loudly too, especially to Touch and Take Me Back. I think the set list was the same as Red Hot, but that was ok, all excellent songs with a bit of an edge to them today. Like everyone else I got right into them and enjoyed them very much.
But finally it was time for number 1, no doubting who that was - JIMMY BARNES!!
Jimmy burst onto the stage with his band - Dario, Danny, Lachy, Jackie, Charlie, Mahalia, Ben and Elly. And what a start - Merry Go Round!! Loved this song up first, got everyone going from the word go. It certainly was a surprise to have it open up. The whole set was really mixed up and different to the normal set. It included something for everyone - Temptation and Little Darlin’ were back, Nothing I Want was moved up the list and the main set finished with a song that has been missing for way too long, Do or Die!!! Khe Sanh and Working Class Man were the encore. But back to the main set, Jimmy had a few more surprises up his sleeve. Towards the end of Driving Wheels Davey Lane appeared on stage and plugged in his guitar! How awesome!! He played the last four songs and the encore. The vibe lifted with Davey up there. From Davey to the band to the crew to the fans and to Jimmy too just loved it and the excitement shone through. Danny and Davey = the best guitar combination!
Thought I was seeing things when I spotted Wazza bringing Jackie a drink! But no, he was there too and later came up with Scotty Aplin for a bit of backing vocals and tambourine shaking! So good to see these guys get up and be a part of it. It was sensational and let’s not forget Jon got up with Jimmy to sing Good Times too. Was a bit disappointed Mossy wasn’t there to join in too. How good would that have been hey? But the stage was overflowing with fine musicians so all was good. I loved the surprise element in Jimmy’s set. Jimmy sounded awesome and the crowd loved it.
It was a great day with loads of fun had by all. There was no trouble, though why someone’s boxers were on the ground after I’m not sure.
There were some brilliant performances there today and all enjoyed the event. I would think a lot of money would have been raised!




Merry Go Round
I've Seen It All (Rage And Ruin)
God Or Money
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Little Darling
Lay Down Your Guns
Stupid Heart
Letter From A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Can't Do It Again
You Got Nothing I Want
Flame Trees
Larg Pier Hotel
Time Can Change
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Good Times
Do Or Die
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man