It was a long weekend in Melbourne the weekend of the Arden Street gig. It was also a long weekend in Canberra and up there they were having their annual Celebration in the Park and headlining this year was Jimmy Barnes. A free concert, no work - could not be missed really!! Had an early flight up there, met our friend and the three of us headed down to the lake to find Commonwealth Park, which we knew wasn’t far from our hotel. Well it shouldn’t have been, but heading around the lake we decided we were going the wrong way, so turned around, hmmmm not sure about this way either, so asked a couple of bike riders for directions. We were right the first time so we turned around again. Lucky it was a nice sunny day for a walk.
The entertainment started at 2pm and we made it just in time. Nothing too exciting was happening for awhile, so we got our spots, got some lunch, some wine and sat to rest and wait in the sun. All was good til they started throwing lollies into the crowd for the kids. All of a sudden they were jumping all over us - worse than being in the mosh pit with the Noll Army!! There were a couple of local bands on first, then up was Australia’s Got Talent dancers Justice Crew and the kids turned wild. Once again we were surrounded by them screaming their heads off as the guys did flips, spun on their heads and lifted their shirts. They were followed by Potbelleez, not my kind of music - doof, doof, doof, but the crowd settled back down again.
Finally it was time for Jimmy and we were more than ready to rock to some real music. The set list was totally different to Saturday at Arden Street but still had everything. I’ve Seen It All began the set. Mahalia got up and sang When The War Is Over with Jimmy, she did the song proud as she sang the low parts and Jimmy sang the high. During the song EJ and Ceci joined Elly on backing vocals. They were in Canberra on tour as support to Eddie Vedder (Evil J and Saint Cecilia)
Jimmy was supposed to be on for an hour but he came on early and played longer. Can’t complain about that, especially at a free concert. Do or Die was the last song tonight and it went off and yes the punch returned, love it!! It is so good to have this song back in the show, so hard and fast.
It was a good crowd here, a pretty quiet crowd. Alcohol was served but there didn’t seem to be too many drinking though, more a family environment. So no pushing, no shoving, no fighting - all good. The gig was a bit of fun and we enjoyed ourselves.
When Jimmy finished fireworks exploded in the sky to end their celebrations. When it was over it was time to find our way back to the hotel. Best get directions this time - haha!! And as we thought we were not far away at all.
Once again it was the 6.30am flight home for work. Oh well all worth it.



I've Seen It All
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Little Darlin'
Lay Down Your Guns
Stupid Heart
Rising Sun
Lover Lover
Ride The Night Away
You Got Nothing I Want
Larg Pier Hotel
When The War Is Over
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Good Times
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh
Do Or Die