This was my first time over to Perth for a Jimmy gig. I have been there before for the footy but never a gig. I headed over the night before ready to rock. Love the weather over there - hot, sunny and no rain, beautiful. Had a wander along Cottesloe Beach in the morning then after lunch we headed off to the Swan Valley. Stopped off at the chocolate factory on the way for a bit of tasting, very nice!!
Elmar’s Winery was a great venue, very nicely set out. This was a sold out gig and I was surprised when we went in only a handful of people headed to the front. A bit different in W.A. to the eastern states! I met some of the fans I knew of but had never met, a great dedicated bunch.
There was a local girl up first, Toby, who wasn’t too bad. Darryl Braithwaite followed. I was never a Sherbet fan myself, but there were a lot of people here that obviously were. There was a bit of a carry on when he came on, as people from behind tried to get closer - not sure why!! He had a couple of Sherbet hits in there but Horses was the favourite with the crowd.
The place was packed in by now and we were ready for Jimmy! He came on with Danny, Dario, Lachy, Mahalia, Elly and Charlie and the crowd went off. Jimmy was still not well and sounded a little croaky but no one cared, he still put on one hell of a show. I loved the atmosphere, the weather, the venue and really enjoyed myself at my first WA gig.
The set opened up with Can’t Do It Again. It was mixed up differently from last weekend; variety is something I always love to see. He has so many awesome songs I like to see them all get a go. In the set tonight was Little Darlin’, Red Hot, Largs Pier Hotel, Merry Go Round, Driving Wheels etc songs from over the years.
The band were awesome, quite stable at the moment with just a fill in now and again. But I was not impressed with Charlie’s performance tonight however. His hussy fits were quite unprofessional, throwing a microphone stand from the stage. OK he doesn’t use a mic but no need to throw it, I’m sure the crew would have removed it. Then in Do Or Die the finishing song, he blew his amp, threw his arms in the air and stormed from the stage well before the song was over. Did not look good. Sorry he is a band member not the star!
The night was over far too quickly and we were ushered out. Could not believe you were not allowed to take bottles of water out of the venue. Had to drink it all before you we went out. And that was at the first stop, yes there was another security check for bag inspections! What the? We were leaving not arriving. They do things a bit different here over in the West!!
All good though. I really enjoyed myself Headed back on a high, ready for tomorrow’s gig!




Can't Do It Again
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Little Darlin'
Lay Down Your Guns
Stupid Heart
Rising Sun
Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Red Hot
You Got Nothing I Want
Merry Go Round
Larg Pier Hotel
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Good Times
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh
Do Or Die