Well this gig was a last minute thing. It was the Yasi Relief Concert held in Townsville featuring Shannon Noll and Jimmy Barnes. Didn’t take me long to decide I was there. I knew a couple of Shannon Noll fans that were going so I headed north to meet up with them. It was a 6am flight up from Melbourne for me.
I met the others at the stadium and we ended up volunteering our time to help them out setting up - we folded pamphlets about the gig and what and where everything was. They looked after us for our trouble.
The gig was at Tony Ireland Stadium where they play AFL footy up there - a great venue. It was a bit of a different set up with the entrance outside the stadium, with food and merchandise outside the stadium. I would have thought you would enter through the normal gates and everything be set up inside - different.
It took awhile for the place to fill up and for people to come down the front. They were expecting 4000-5000 to turn up but it was more like 1800, which was disappointing for a fund raiser. It was a warm sunny day too so weather was no excuse. But those that did turn up were id for a good time - Idols and Legends was the theme.
Legend band Dragon started proceedings and ok it was not the Dragon I used to see live at our local pub back in their hey day with Marc Hunter, but Mark Williams did a good job. He had a lot of energy for an old bloke and he and the band rocked it out for the whole time they were on stage. They played all their hits, including - Are You Old Enough, April Sun, Rain, Heading In The Right Direction - great songs. I quite enjoyed them, took me back to my youth!
Ricki Lee followed them and she was woeful. She had two backing singers with her and a guitarist with her but sang to a backing track - I don’t get it! A bit embarrassing when she kept singing but the track stopped! It really was not good, not good at all. Lucky she was not on for long.
Local band Godfathers of Funk were on next. They played some good covers of old songs. Not sure if they were idols or legends, maybe legends because of their songs.
It was then time for another idol - Stan Walker, the winner of the show a couple of years ago. He wasn’t too bad, just went on with a bit too much crap between songs. But he does have a good voice.
Shannon Noll brought the crowd to life when he came on; he had lots of fans here by the sound of things. He had a totally different band with him (except for little Chris) with his brother on drums. They didn’t do much for me, prefer his normal band members but Shannon did a good job. The girls were yelling for him to take his shirt off. He told them he would if they did. A singlet from underneath thrown at him didn’t cut it but in the end a guy threw up his chequered shirt. So keeping true to his word, off came the t-shirt for half a song - hot! The cameras and screams were working overtime!! He then put the shirt on and with the help of crew and a knife ripped the sleeves out of it. He certainly keeps his fans happy.
Jimmy had to follow that - no antics needed with Jimmy though, his voice says it all. He was very sick and had to cancel a show in Caloundra the following day (lucky I had no plans to go to that one, I had to be home) He wasn’t going to cancel a charity gig and he got up and gave it his all. He could hardly speak so lucky he doesn’t use his vocal chords to sing. It was a slow start but once he got warmed up his voice improved and he put in a great effort. Early on in the set he got the guys to help in out with a bit of singing in The Weight. Danny, Jackie and Mahalia each sang a verse. I think Danny mixed a bit of each verse into one. He has a great voice and love hearing him have a bit of a sing. Jackie sounded like his singing ahs come along too. Mahalia belted out her verse and a bit later on sang Proud Mary while Jimmy had a bit of a rest doing backing vocals. There was a change in the band tonight. Tony Featherstone was back filling in for Lachy. He looked like he was enjoying it heaps up there, when I could see him. The speakers at the front were so high they blocked out parts of the stage. The crowd were well behaved which is always a bonus. They were here to enjoy themselves and help raise money for the flood victims, many who had travelled to be there.
It was a great event overall and all had fun. What a great effort from Jimmy - well done and hopefully he gets some rest and gets himself better real soon, ready for the next round!!!




I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
God Or Money
The Weight
Rising Sun
Stupid Heart
Merry Go Round
Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Red Hot
Proud Mary ..w/ Mahalia
Larg Pier Hotel
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh