Had an early flight back to Albury from Sydney in the morning after Bateau Bay. Was ready for the next gig that afternoon. Headed out to Bullers Winery in Rutherglen, gates were early as this was Easter Sunday.
As you went through the gates you had a choice of a stubbie holder or a plastic wine glass to take in with you. Once in there all over the grass were scattered Easter eggs. The venue was really getting into the Easter spirit.
Linda and Vika Bull started proceedings. To be honest they were not of much interest to me, not my type of music. And I could not wait for Ian Moss to get up there. When he did come on the crowd were up and about and ready for him. He had his three piece band outfit today – him, Hamish on drums and John on bass. He was great and the crowd were loving singing along to the Chisel hits and to Mossy’s own hits. The singing competition between males and females in Saturday night got the crowd going and all were involved trying to outsing each other. Unfortunately his set was way too short, about 45 mins to an hour.
Once Mossy had finished we all raced off to the merchandise stand to catch Jimmy as he was again doing a signing. Mahalia and EJ were over there with him, chatting to everyone as they passed through. It was a bit of o rush to get everyone through as it was announced Jimmy would not be signing anything once Jon Stevens came on. And fair enough too, he did not want to distract from Jon.
Jon was solo tonight with his band. Danny Spencer on guitar, Scotty Aplin on keys, Johnny Salerno on drums and Chris Becker on bass. Lately I have only seen Noiseworks so it was a nice change to have Jon on his own with his own songs as well as the popular Noiseworks songs everyone loves to hear. He was excellent and everyone got into singing along with him as he encouraged all to join in. No competitions with him though!!
It was then tome for the main man, Aussie rock legend – Jimmy Barnes!! Danny and Scotty were up again joining Dario, Jackie, Charlie, EJ and Elly. Didn’t think it would be possible but tonight was even better than last night’s awesome show. Jimmy was on fire, giving it his usual 110% plus a bit more! Tonight was slightly longer and slightly different in song choice. Lover Lover was back in and mid was through the set Jimmy called Mossy onto the stage to join him. They started When The War Is Over but Mossy was struggling with something, obviously not ready to start. But after a bit Jimmy called on Danny to start the song. Thank God for Danny hey!! He just got into it and continued until Mossy was ready to take over. He shared the microphone with Jimmy, Jimmy with his arm around him in the stance that gets all Chisel fans excited. The song was quite emotional, the first time singing it together since Steve’s passing. From When The War Is Over it was into rocking out with Merry Go Round. Mossy was off into his guitar world, loved it. Mahalia followed with Proud Mary with the crowd continuing on its high. Jon came out for Good Times in the encore. What a shame Mossy didn’t join them, would have been great to have the three of them out there together! I was ready to ditch this song but the duet has sparked some new interest in the song again. There was no Do Or Die tonight, we finished off with Khe Sanh. That was a bit disappointing but it was the only disappointment so can’t complain. It was an absolutely awesome day.
It was back to Albury for the night before an early start back to Melbourne and straight onto Morning Star Estate in Mt Eliza to see Nick Barker and the Reptiles. Another awesome day. What a busy, full on, fun Easter. Had a ball.




I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
God Or Money
Rising Sun
Stupid Heart
Lay Down Your Guns
Letter From A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Resurrection Shuffle
Lover Lover
Whn The War Is Over
Merry Go Round
Proud Mary ..w/ Mahalia
Largs Pier Hotel
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Good Times
Khe Sanh