The Red Hot Summer Tour really pushed it to the limit hey? May is hardly summer!! But why not keep a good thing going. The Newcastle gig was the only one of the tour I had missed and I certainly was not going to miss this one at the WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong.
The WIN Entertainment Centre was huge, too huge for my liking. The crowd built quite early and there was a lot of stress around as to which door would open first. Apparently there are several doors that open at this venue, but as only 1700 tickets had been sold there was only one door opening tonight – well that was to get into the foyer. Then everyone was faced with the problem as to which door to go to next. Luckily we chose the right door. It opened and the race was on to get down all those stairs and to the front of the stage. Made it!! What a huge stage, and a high one too!! We were squashed in down the front quite early. Some were there to see Thirsty Merc, who were up first. They performed their set without much fuss.
Noiseworks hit the stage and things hotted up. Jon was in fine form and they rocked out. The crowd loved them and I think over this tour they have renewed fans interest and gained a few more. Everyone joined Jon singing all their hits loudly. Their songs are awesome and Jon’s face is amazing. Hopefully they will have a new CD out soon and will continue to tour.
Soon it was time for Jimmy and when he came on the venue exploded, the fans went off. And I’m sure the excitement was not just fir Jimmy but also for the return of Davey Lane on guitar with Danny Spencer. How long have we waited for these two to be playing together? This band tonight is the best combination by far for Jimmy - Davey, Danny, Dario Bortolin, Lachy Doley, Jackie Barnes and of course Mahalia and Elly. It just doesn’t get any better. OK, maybe it was me who was excited but I know many people agree with me, some there at WIN, some not. We have missed Davey’s windmill arms and scissor kicks; it was great to see them again!! Danny played some awesome slide guitar in Driving Wheels, he is a brilliant guitarist. Dario’s bass was loud tonight. He is the best bass player and it is such a shame when his bass gets lost in the guitars, which often happens. Not tonight though, it was loud and heavy, love it!! Lachy went off on the keys, a bit of Jerry Lee Lewis in those actions! And Jackie- he’s the man, hard, fast drumming by him. Like I’ve said before there is no better band than these guys. And Jimmy wasn’t half bad either, putting in his usual 110% He looked happy and pleased with everything too, a big smile on his face as he sang with his big, powerful, mind blowing voice of his. He just leaves me wanting more and more!!
Jon joined Jimmy mid way through the main set for Good Times; he obviously was not hanging around. They both have brilliant voices and sound brilliant singing together and they always have a bit of fun in this song.
Good Times was replaced in the encore by Magalia’s version of Proud Mary.
The crowd was a good one, no dramas just everyone enjoying themselves and the music. It’s been awhile since we have had an indoor gig and it was good for a change to not be battling the elements. The atmosphere was a bit lost in this venue though.
Had an awesome night, loved Jimmy, loved the band, lots of fun. Sad to see the end of the Red Hot Summer Tour. It really was a great success, fingers crossed for another one next year!




I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
God Or Money
Rising Sun
Stupid Heart
Lay Down Your Guns
Letter From A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
Lover Lover
Resurrection Shuffle
Good Times
Largs Pier Hotel
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Proud Mary ..w/ Mahalia
Khe Sanh