September 13th 2011 .... LIZOTTES (Central Coast), KINCUMBER - NSW


Was very excited to be heading back to Lizottes for another Jimmy gig - it had been two and a half years since he had last played there. I was only going to the first one at Kincumber. Due to Jimmy falling ill the show had been postponed but it was sure worth the wait. Both shows at Kincumber sold out straight away.
Once again Brian Lizotte fed us a very yummy meal before Mahalia came on to entertain us with a few songs to warm us up. With her was Danny Spencer, Lachy Doley and Jackie Barnes.  I haven’t seen Mahalia for awhile and I really did enjoy her performance, she sure has a voice. Jimmy joined her for Gonna Take Some Time. In that one song you could hear how well Jimmy was singing and I couldn’t wait for what was to come.  
After a short break and dessert it was time for Jimmy and his band - Danny on guitar, Lachy on keys, Jackie on drums and Mahalia on backing vocals. Making a special appearance on percussion was Alex Carapetis, who a few of you will remember as Jimmy’s young drummer a few years back (maybe 8 years back) Alex now lives in the States and was playing with Nine Inch Nails over there. It was great to see him back, enjoying himself and singing along to all the songs.
This was not a hits night, far from it actually, there was no Khe Sanh, Working Class Man, No Second Prize, Lay Down Your Guns, or Good Times - loved it!   Jimmy has such a vast array of songs; you just don’t ever get to hear enough of them. It was so awesome to get this set list - Brother Of Mine, Catch Your Shadow, Let It Go, Can’t Make Love Without A Soul, Rather Be Blind, Come Undone, all awesome songs. There were a couple of Chisel songs thrown in - When The War Is Over with Mahalia, and Choir Girl. Letter From A Dead Heart and Stupid Heart from Rage and Ruin also made it. 
Jimmy looked fantastic; he has lost some weight and looked fit, healthy and happy. I reckon this is the best I’ve heard Jimmy sing in a long time. His voice sounded amazing, I guess you can hear it a lot better in an acoustic show. It just left me in awe. Also loved Danny’s guitar playing in those songs, what an excellent guitarist he has become. He is just the best guitarist for Jimmy’s songs. Lachy too was excellent; he is such a talented keyboard player. So glad Powderfinger split and Jimmy got him back!! And Jackie on drums showed us a tamer side to his drumming. He is such a great drummer now. Mahalia sang a few songs with Jimmy and the two of them do it so well together. Bill Chambers was the only special guest tonight and he got up with his guitar and played Big River with Jimmy.
Jimmy had lots of little stories in between songs which are always entertaining. It was a good crowd tonight, all enjoying what was being delivered to us. Thank goodness there was no one yelling for Khe Sanh. The night started with Rather Be Blind and ended with Love Me Tender. This song certainly shows Jimmy’s softer, emotional side, wow amazing! This gig was so awesome and Jimmy is singing so perfectly at the moment. Hopefully this continues on through out the Chisel gigs, which I am sure it will.
A brilliant night was had by all. Stayed the night in Terrigal and headed back to Melbourne the next day wanting more!!




Rather Be Blind
When Two Hearts Collide
Brother Of Mine
Stupid Heart
Letter From A Dead Heart
Let It Go
Out In The Blue
Choir Girl
Resurrection Shuffle
Can’t Make Love Without A Soul
Big River
When The War Is Over
Flame Trees
Rage And Ruin
Come Undone
When Something Is Wrong
Catch Your Shadow
Wade n The Water
Too Much Aint Enough
Love Me Tender