September 16th 2011 .... MOUNTIES, MOUNT PRITCHARD - NSW


It was back up to Sydney a few days later for a couple of club gigs. The first one was Mounties at Mt Pritchard. I had not been to this venue before but I quite liked it.
This gig was sold out and the crowd built quickly. The rush was on when doors opened. WE had all been banded up before so it was all in.
Attack of The Mannequins were support and they rocked the house.  Love these guys; they put so much into their performances. They have so much energy and some great songs too.
After a short break Jimmy and his band came onto the stage. Jimmy told us he wasn’t happy his beloved Tigers had just lost and he went on to explain that Jackie was at home sick and Warren Trout had come straight from a gig with David Campbell to fill in.  There is no one better to play the drums than Wazza, Also joining Wazza, Danny, Dario and Lachy was Stuart Fraser on guitar. Mahalia and Ben were on backing vocals.  Brilliant what a top band!!
They were straight into Lay Down Your Guns and we were off rocking straight away. Jimmy’s voice was sounding absolutely sensational; he was power housing through all the songs, not missing a note.
It was a bit of a hits night, I guess with Wazza joining in at the last minute that was to be expected. Saying that though, I really enjoyed the songs.  With Jimmy singing them so well and Stuart Frazer combining with Danny Spencer on guitar they sounded so good and so fresh.  Too Much Ain’t Enough, Driving Wheels, Still On Your Side, Choir Girl, Merry Go Round, Stupid Heart, Letter To A Dead Heart - all sounded great, Mahalia sang When The War Is Over with Jimmy and it went down a treat with the crowd.
It was paced in but there was room to move - just! It seemed liked ages since we had been rocking at a Jimmy gig, so went off, everyone in the room did. There was no trouble that we noticed, certainly none down the front. It was just one big party, lots of fun!
The night ended with Do Or Die. Love this song in the set! Jimmy finished in a big way with this one, fast and strong and complete with our favourite little punches. They always get the crowd going!! An awesome end to a brilliant night. Ready for more tomorrow, bring it on!




Lay Down Your Guns
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
Rising Sun
Stupid Heart
Ride The Night Away
Resurrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Letter From A Dead Heart
Choir Girl
No Second Prize
Merry Go Round
When The War Is Over
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
You Got Nothing I Want
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
Too Much Ain't Enough
Do Or Die