The Brisbane gig was at BRISBANE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE in Boondal, in the middle of nowhere, or so it seemed after my GPS got me lost! Anyway I got there in plenty of time and got to work on sorting out the ITunes cards out.  The venue was huge and there an outdoor court yard where you could get food, drinks and merchandise. This was just inside the main gate so it was the perfect opportunity to purchase some merchandise and put it in the car.  There was a great atmosphere around the place as everyone mingled around waiting to go in.
It was a seated gig tonight, as were most of the shows. I was in the fifth row and right on the side, felt so far away as it was a massive stage. But with a bit of gentle persuasion I managed to get right down the front about three songs in. Down the front everyone was out of their seats going off. I believe those in the upper sections were not allowed out of the seats and had to remain seated. Such a shame when security and venues are like that. There was one change in the set tonight, Painted Doll was replaced with The Things I Love In You.
It was another awesome night and we handed out the Itunes cards to many excited people, all leaving with smiling faces and vowing to go to another Chisel gig.
Well that was thee first two down. It was then back to work for a week before hittng the road full on for the next four weeks.



Standing On The Outside
Shipping Steel
HQ454 Monroe
Choir Girl
Forever Now
Cheap Wine
The Things I Love In You
My Baby
Rising Sun
Star Hotel
Hound Dog
When The War Is Over
Yakuza Girls
Breakfast At Sweethearts
All For You
Nothing I Want
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Bow River
Saturday Night
Letter To Allan
Four Walls