Friday night saw us driving to Albury to catch an early flight next morning up to Sydney and then drive up to the Hunter Valley to BIMBADGEN WINERY. Picked up the car at the airport and headed on our way, no time to check onto our Sydney hotel, would have to do that after the gig. We were basing ourselves in Sydney for the week, worked out easier that way. But now all we were interested in was getting to the gig.
Arrived not too long before gates opened. There really was no rush as we had reserved seats, centre front for this one. It was good to relax, have a wander and catch up with friends.
Support today was a young girl band, Stonefield and Dan Sultan. No You Am I for this one.
As soon as Chisel came in we were out of our seats and rocking. A brilliant show indeed.
They blew the place apart with those awesome songs and held the crowd in from the word go to the very end.
Afterwards we gave out the Itunes cards at the gate - it was mad. We had to get behind the barriers and get a bit of security help. There were a lot of excited, drunk people around. All had had a good time by the looks of things. Exhausted we drove back to Sydney.



Standing On The Outside
Shipping Steel
HQ454 Monroe
Choir Girl
Forever Now
Cheap Wine
Painted Doll
My Baby
Rising Sun
Star Hotel
Hound Dog
When The War Is Over
Yakuza Girls
Breakfast At Sweethearts
All For You
Nothing I Want
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Bow River
Saturday Night
Letter To Allan
Four Walls