Next destination was DERWENT ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE in Glenorchy, Hobart. Had a morning flight over to Hobart and bumped into Jimmy’s guitarist, Charlie Owen at the airport as well as the Collingwood (yuk) footballers on their way to Arizona.
I was doing this gig on my own so once I got to the venue I met up with the others doing iTunes at the end of the show. I think this was the only gig where I didn’t know anyone, or didn’t see anyone I knew. My seat was in the fifth row. It was a very wide, not very deep venue.  Usually Hobart goes off when Jimmy plays here so that was what I was expecting. But I guess it was a different crowd here - no one got up and those few of us who tried had torches shone in our eyes and were told to sit down.
We were even told off for taking photos, what the?? I was so stoked when Jimmy dedicated Star Hotel to me and announced I had bought tickets to 16 shows, thank you Jimmy!!
Finally when Flame Trees started up a couple of girls ran to the front - well behind the first row as there was no aisle in the front. I was there with them; the crowd had started to come alive. Then as soon as the front row stood for Khe Sahn I was over those chairs and onto the barrier. Yes!! And quite a few people followed me. Haha, a mosh pit at last. I think even Phil cracked a smile when that all happened! This was what I had expected from the start. Well better late than never!
It was outside afterwards to hand out the iTunes cards. All was good in the end and I did get a special mention so I was so happy as I headed back to Wrestpoint.
Next morning I managed to catch Mossy in Salamanca, then all bar Jimmy at the airport. But believe it or not I found him and Jane in Melbourne when we arrived.  So all in all I had a great trip and a lot of fun.



Standing On The Outside
Shipping Steel
HQ454 Monroe
Choir Girl
Forever Now
Cheap Wine
Things I Love In You
My Baby
Rising Sun
Star Hotel
Hound Dog
When The War Is Over
Yakuza Girls
Breakfast At Sweethearts
All For You
Nothing I Want
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Bow River
Saturday Night
Don't Let Go
Four Walls