Had a quiet few days at home while Chisel were in Perth, did manage to get a Richard Clapton gig in though.
The net trip was over to Adelaide and to the ADELAIDE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE for a couple of gigs in a row. They have a good set up over there, we were staying just near the Casino and from out the front of our hotel you could jump n the tram and get a free ride to the door of the Entertainment Centre. How convenient!
The first night was You Am I’s last night on the tour and it was Don’s 60th birthday, who would have thought. Big birthday celebrations later on but first there was a gig to do and what a gig it was.  
We were in the second row but over on the side. Most people were out of their seats early but some took awhile to get going. I just don’t get it; once those first notes are struck I’m up! Back in their home town Chisel turned it on.
Afterwards the ushers handed out ITunes and Triple M were there jumping everyone for interviews and photos and were handing out Chisel stickers. A great night was had by all. It was then onto the tram and back to the hotel.



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