The next night was the Steve Prestwich Tribute Night at the ADELAIDE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE. Support was Steve’s brother, The Tim Prestwich band. They were ok. All his family were there for this one. We had better seats tonight and the crowd were more into it than the previous night but I don’t think this was Chisel’s best show. There was a lot of emotion up there on stage, maybe that’s what it was, too much emotion, I don’t know… And while I had a better time than last night, it wasn’t a great performance like every other show had been. It was a nice touch from Charley who came out for the encore in a Prestwich t-shirt.
It was back to handing out iTunes again after the show and the crowd were a very excitable lot. All had enjoyed themselves, loved the show and were very appreciative to be taking home something from the gig that was free. Later on we managed to catch a couple of the guys for a drink at the hotel.
Next day it was back home for a few days while New Zealand got a taste of the tour.



Standing On The Outside
Shipping Steel
HQ454 Monroe
Choir Girl
Forever Now
Cheap Wine
Things I Love In You
My Baby
Rising Sun
Star Hotel
Hound Dog
When The War Is Over
Yakuza Girls
Breakfast At Sweethearts
All For You
Nothing I Want
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Bow River
Saturday Night
Don't Let Go
Four Walls