Back after the weekend for another two shows at the ADELAIDE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE, My friend from Sydney joined me for these two shows and we had a ball at both. The first night Dave Blight’s band were support, a bit country but they were good.  Phil’s brother plays guitar in the band. I had heard a bit about these guys and I did actually quite enjoy them.
We were in the second row, smack in the middle, a great spot, and no giants in front of us either.
This gig was so much better than the second of last week’s shows here. The crowd were in fine form tonight too. Coming straight back from New Zealand and into this gig the guys must have been exhausted. But you would never have known, they went off!! So good!!
It was the last time for us to hand out iTunes cards tonight, tomorrow we were going to go to the after show and in Melbourne the ushers were going to do the job. Wow, so many we handed out around the country; half the nation will be downloading free Chisel clips! Spread the word, a good thing for sure.



Standing On The Outside
Shipping Steel
HQ454 Monroe
Choir Girl
Forever Now
Cheap Wine
Painted Doll
My Baby
Rising Sun
Star Hotel
Hound Dog
When The War Is Over
Yakuza Girls
Breakfast At Sweethearts
All For You
Nothing I Want
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Bow River
Saturday Night
Letter To Allan
Four Walls