The last month had been so full on. Chisel are amazing to have done so many shows - 37 - wow!! Who would have thought, after all the things that happened Chisel would be back on the road so full on after 40 years in the business? So much energy on the huge stages that Jimmy and Mossy covered so well. There was no tension up there just lots of laughs, smiles and good times. Not forgetting the awesome music coming from the stage. Jimmy’s voice is just brilliant; don’t know how he can keep going at that level night after night after night. Not like there was any rest for him, I was surprised Mossy didn’t do a bit more singing. Charley was fantastic, perfect for Chisel. Phil’s deep acoustics in the acoustic section of the show were amazing and not heard often enough. Don’t think I have ever seen Don smile so much during the show as he did on this tour as he pounded those keys. And Mossy what a guitar legend, and not too lost in his guitar world.
For such big crowds there was very little trouble, all well behaved which makes the gigs so much more enjoyable. It was just the best tour; words can not adequately describe just how good it was. I had the best time and can not wait for Chisel to hit the road again in 2012.