Back in Melbourne, back in warm, sunny weather.  Headed off to the Australian Open for the concert in the Heineken Beer Garden.  It was the men’s final today but we were only interested in the music - Jimmy supported by Mahalia.
Once inside we raced around to the Beer Garden, not just to get front row but also to get the bean chairs. Got them and set ourselves up at the front of the stage and there was just enough room or the five of us o fit comfortably between the big two boxes. Grabbed a drink, a cool band for around the neck to cool you down and sat down to relax and watch Mahalia’s sound check  That was quite relaxed with not too much time before they came on proper. She was using most of Jimmy’s band, Jackie, Lachy and Dario. Danny appeared a couple of songs in. Mahalia has some great songs, some old, some new and I really enjoyed her set. A really good warm up for Jimmy.
The skies started to cloud over and we all hope the rain maker, Jimmy didn’t bring the rain with him.  He didn’t, it held off and stayed hot.
Just before he came on a couple of security guards came and moved us back from the stage. As if that wasn’t enough, four of the stood in front of us in the spot we had been standing in, they weren’t small either. I can tell you we were not happy. Then they listened in to our conversation about how there was more security here than at Chisel’s DOTG gig, put their 2 bob’s worth and threatened to throw us out if we opened our mouths. Then accused one of us of having too much too drink, he hadn’t had anything - unbelievable, never experienced security like it! Instead of doing their job they were singing, dancing and punching the air. I reckon they just wanted front row. We were at the tennis not some drunken music festival. Apart from them it was a great day. Jimmy was only supposed to be on for an hour but he played for longer, about an extra fifteen minutes. The set was similar to Eaton’s Hill, just a few songs dropped, so it was mainly hits. But I was very happy Time Will Tell survived and was in there again. There was a group of nurses there who before the show gave Jimmy a red head band. He put it on for he show in place of his other one. Only one problem, in the heat with all that sweat, the red ran into his white shirt! He made some comment on that when he came back for the encore of Khe Sanh.
It was a full on gig, that was way too short, I just didn’t want it to end. We knew this was going to be the last solo gig for quite awhile.
We didn’t hang around after to watch any tennis on the screens. Instead we went home to wait to see what will be announced next for Chisel!



Love And Hate
Time Will Tell
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
Ride The Night Away
Nothing I Want
Resurrection Shuffle
I'm Still On Your Side
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh